F1 2017 Car Comparison – 2004 Ferrari F104 vs 2017 Ferrari SF70H (WHICH IS FASTER?)

F1 2017 Car Comparison – 2004 Ferrari F104 vs 2017 Ferrari SF70H (WHICH IS FASTER?)
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Epic Joe says:

Hamilton will win

Juji Ide says:

But… It’s F2004 not F104

Thomas John Solidum says:

Well both cars are driven by germans that dominated in their generation

ItzAtlantic says:

I think Vettel will win the championship this year

Alex ggx says:

you dont rev the 2004 enough

Jerry Liu says:

You shouldn’t switch gears until it reaches 18k+ rpm on F2004.

Jafina 12 says:

How can the older be faster. Massive mistake from codemasters. Please do a motogp career

infernimus says:

Great Video. Very Professional

Cameron says:

Vettel is gonna win

Hannes Haanpää says:

Before watching completely, I think monza is not totally fair for 2017 ferrari, because it’s so fast track

Vincent Ullberg says:

F104 is some How fastest and i Love it!

PhoenixAzureGaming says:

Plot Twist: Kimi Raikkonen wins all the rest of races, similar to what’s happeningin most YT career modes!

MaartenOW says:

You upshift way too early.

Vishaka 47 says:

2004 Ferrari is the Mercedes of that season, only engine was good(best of all time maybe) but not that high downforce. The bar Honda was the Ferrari was of that season, bit more downforce and a decent engine. Imo

RegiRockEX says:

he shifts 2k17 late and 2004 early… somethings odd here

Matthias Vervaeke says:

Imagine the 2004 car with 8 gears

Supercar-Phantom says:

lol it’s 4:00 am and I’m still playing f1 2017

DaROBLOXChannel says:

4:02 ‘in comparison to the 2014 car’

YouNowWhatTimeItIsDiscoTime says:

Max is winning Monza gp!

Henry whatzal says:

The Ferrari F2004 car is the best f1 car ever

Simon Petersen says:

Please stop using the drs in classics vs modern, it’s just not fair

Matt Jones says:

I think Palmer will win the world championship

metro girl says:

Do the same comparisment but in monaco ferrari 2004 vs ferrari 2017

Ondřej says:

Put ultrasoft Pirellis on cars from 2004 and they’ll achieve laptimes unbeatable at least untill new engines come. They had grooved tyres to make them slower and harder to drive.

79omega3 says:

Also keep in mind that this year the fastest dry run was practice 2 with Mercedes and Ferrari in the mid 1’21s. Practice 3 and qualifying was wet. So realistically in a dry qualifying the pole time this year probably would be somewhere between 1’20.1 to 1’20.5 sec lap time. Maybe a 1’19.9 if Hamilton and Mercedes we’re absolutely on it.

79omega3 says:

Nice comparison. In reality the f2004 probably beats the the 2017 sf70h around Monza. But by that margin…no way. For people who actually watch f1. Remember that in 2009 the curbs were raised on Monza track. That alone probably cost f1 cars at least 1 to 1.5 seconds per lap. If they could actually test a f2004 for real at today’s Monza track. It probably does something like a 1′ 20.6second lap at best with very low fuel.

Lamettrix says:

Does he use a steering wheel?

Jesus de nazaret says:

season 2006 the year F1 die…..

TheNecromancer6666 says:

You missed the fact the 2004 car is 130kg lighter then the 2017car. Every 10kg is 1 tenth of a second in laptime. So before the lap has startef the 2017 car has already lost 1.3 seconds. More then Downforce, more then tyres, more then power, low weight makes a car quick.

Victor Nag says:


Johonan andrew gomes says:

can you do motogp vs f1 comparison please! with motogp 17 and f1 17 you can compare there top speeds and there lap times please!!!

The Naufal City says:

Alexafro can you do a motogp 17 carrer mode

f1 and soccer says:

F2004 not f104 but ok

PhoenixAzureGaming says:

The F2004 is smaller, lighter, and less drag probably than the F17 T, and of course the glorious V10 gives it a top speed and acceleration faster than most of the 2017 cars. Also Mike Schumacher was driving it, so yeah….

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