F1 Ferrari SF16-H Analysis – Lets Talk F1 2016

Talking about the Ferrari SF16-H, Ferrari’s F1 2016 Car!
Analysis of the SF16-H Ferrari – Lets Talk F1 | aarava
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Intro Song? Sparks (Remix)
Favourite F1 Team? Mclaren
Favourite Driver? Button, Vettel, Alonso, Ricciardo
Wheel? Thrustmaster T500RS Ferrari Integral Wheel/TX Racing Wheel
Assists? Corner Line
Difficulty? Legend AI (Hardest Difficulty)


Jack Picko MSport says:

It’s looking like Channel 4 aren’t gonna have a technical analyst. With Priestly, Gascoyne and Scarborough at Sky. you should rectify that on Channel 4.

A_Wise_Young_Man says:

It’s time Ferrari quit F1.

Charles Matthews says:

F1 2016 Ferrari Chassis 10 Vs Mercedes Chassis 9 – Mercedes Engine 10 Vs Ferrari Engine 9 We have a fight!!!!


The only thing is that with Ferrari SF16-H is you can improve the engine the around mics but it can’t be any other colours apart from red

AidenT06 says:

I think they ran out of red so they did white

Stuart Guy says:

Didn’t know you had a degree in aeronautical engineering

Max Rai says:

Half a second faster than the mercs at the first day of winter testing. I hope Mercedes aren’t hiding their pace again.

Dmarc 98 says:

This Ferrari reminds of the classic Ferrari back with Niki Lauda was racing with that white and red livery

Poar Neem'n says:

looks sick!

Vaiz Ghani says:

Best f1 channel

Dorian Resener says:

I like the general direction of the livery but the black elements near the side impact structure/Hublot logo and further toward the engine seem out of place. That said, miles better than the McLaren.

Yen'yen How says:

Love it

Scott Jones says:

I know Ferrari wasn’t worst offender in recent years but f1 cars look better than they have for a while now.

Karl Shaw says:

Would have been nice to see solid red with no white patches with sponsors logos reversed out

Kamogelo Lekhu says:

The livery took my father back in time to his youth.. and I like it a lot myself. Is it just me or is the length of the rear wing shorter than the SF-15? If it is, can anyone tell me why? Wouldn’t it reduce the total surface area and therefore reduce the car’s rear downforce?

Kaaaaaaaamil says:

I hope Raikkonen will be on the podium much often in 2016 ;3 Let’s go Iceman! 😀

Oki Productions says:

dont like the ferrari tho

ryan mullins says:

I love the new livery but its not as good as the Williams, that car is just so damn pretty. I would almost say this year is overall the best in terms of good looking cars.

Anris Myslimaj says:

Thus year will be the year of ferrari
Im sure !

SCoT7 says:

Kimi will win this world championship, trust me

pro_applez says:

hahahaha it didnt even win a race, i thought they would at least win a race 🙁 and im concerned next year becoz its more aero dependent and ferrari arent as good with aero as red bull and mercedes

Neil Williams says:

If only it had a Mercedes style nose…

Bob Boberson says:

I believe the airbox wing was created for the on-board camera. And being F1, it had to be aerodynamic – compared to Indycar.

Zoe Coombes says:

Your videos are amazing

Luc Desaulniers says:

Discovering your channel. Enjoyed it

Salvatore Basile says:

The aerodynamic coefficients is two folds better than the SF15 T. Ferrari is optimist it can take the fight to Mercedes.

Qtamo says:

WOW. This livery is AMAZING

karan mehra says:

I know I’m not a fortune teller or anything but I think Ferrari is gonna have tough time with temperatures with that packaging and it’s gonna cost them the championship this year. Let’s all hope I am wrong

James G says:

I love the white air box, very reminiscent to the 312t of the 1975-1976 season (driven by Niki Lauda). They even put the Italian colours on it which was also on the 312t. Although it was horizontal on the 312t, on this it’s vertical.

Though liveries don’t win championships, let’s hope the can really take the fight to Mercedes so we don’t get another Hamilton bore-fest.

Scott Jones says:

everyone’s bitching about the nose. Frankly it looks so god damn much better than the “platypus” noses from a four years ago not to mention the dildos they had hanging off the front after that!

Frozen Octopus says:

I like the white on the top.

r Li says:

due to the bad looks of the new gtc4 lusso, i think ferrari will do good this year in f1 lol

RGF543 says:

Love the livery!!

Christina Mcteer says:

I love everything about the Ferrari, except for the nose.

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