“Our latest Formula 1 2017 news feature on Scuderia Ferrari, and Sebastian Vettel’s world championship bid.

Sebastian Vettel’s campaign for a fifth Formula 1 World Championship was all but halted in Suzuka, a faulty spark plug destroying what was a must-win race for the German – marking his second retirement in three races.

Vettel now lags 59-points adrift of championship leader, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton – with four rounds remaining in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi – and a maximum of 100 points available. Watch the video, and tell us what you think in the comments…

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Dennis O'Boyle says:

Congrats on 4000 subs!!!

dannysanders79 says:

the bitch i sucked was your mom last night. it seems you don’t have a real answer for that dick weed

first name says:

It’s game over seb Try again next year.

Nano Minardi says:

Exelent perfect inside line

Adrian Piwnik says:

1:07 bro, put that phone away.

grgprincipe says:

High production quality. Keep it up!!

airstrike 900 says:

i’d say they should just focus for next year

dannysanders79 says:

Lewis is dominating seb look at those numbers 10 8 11 0 fuck how can you stop Lewis with Mercedes = can’t be beat over the course of 20+ races

Zachary burrage says:

First view like and comment. Though great video.

Anisotropic Denshangyingyang says:

Mercedes? Their only. Potential mistake is if they assume alluminium is a good ground (v6 synchronicity suck in the best of days , but I suspect merc will have went nuclear on proper grounding so their engine ? They won’t have issue .i never saw it and I garanty my claim . But a new issue surfaced at last race .all team still haven’t managed to keep tire . It’s like they run them only in the center (that would explain it . But if they use the whole surface of the tire ? Vettel has no chance .yes team could use only partial tire surface they were so meh. But now its tire that will cause people to cry .the one with the best tire guy will win a lot of race . On that front , looks like redbull is ahead of the pack

dannysanders79 says:

why would you out a guy who’s in a faster car but still can’t win with the pace advantage as he’s had this year. sebs only like the 5th best in f1 ham,Ricardo,Alonso,max and then seb. he couldn’t beat daniel in his last year with rb. Newey has 4 wdc not seb and I like seb hes just not cut from the same cloth as ham

soupe2000 says:

Hartley new F1 driver

JohnnyCagePro says:

bwoahnzaaaai! bwoahnzaaai!

Continuos Blanking says:

Why not they bring back Massa

David D ELY says:

I don’t know if it’s Austin Mexico or Brazil but both championship will be decided before Abu Dhabi

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