F1’s 2018 clampdown on suspension tricks explained

Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough run through the details of the FIA’s latest rules clarification ahead of the new F1 season, and what it will mean for the teams. For more: https://motorsport.tv/program/the-flying-lap/25


luuk341 says:


mrtheoden says:

I have to laugh….the FIA is coming down on shit like this, which is true engineering innovation (part of what the sport itself has always been about), but won’t implement bringing the sport into disrepute rules to deal with drivers like Vettel or Magnussen…

Gustav MH says:

stupid FIA they are banning the shit out of the F1

VeniVidiAjax says:

Wow, usually things Ferrari makes to cheat are allowed….well because its Ferrari, FIA loves Ferrari and would do anything to make them feel comfi.

Robert Brown says:

F1 is only a name,the exciting dangerous european cutting edge world series died years ago,sadly.

Frank gaming says:

basically, there is even more chance now that Mercedes will win again this year.

Mario I/O says:

They are killing this sport. Less rules, more research, please.

Knight Lautrec says:

What’s the point in banning it? What’s the point of having all these amazing engineers who find these incredible solutions to complex problems, which could arguably transfer to the roads and improve mechanics and engineering for everyone? What’s actually the point if you’re just banning every innovation, every clever solution, every race winning strategy?

Why even bother having engineers at all, if it’s such a big fuss then just give everyone the exact same FIA approved chassis, engine, body, the whole kit. I really cannot be bothered with F1 any more.

JL JRC says:

Lets talk a cost cap but keep changing the rules every year.

Jinder V says:

The pinnacle of motor racing is handcuffed by the FIA.

radry100 says:

This is we can’t have good F1. Too many “micro rules”. Just let the teams find the best solution instead of regulating every detail ffs.

David Prince says:

Will there be a clamp-down on the amount of “wizz sound” a modern F1 can make?

vinnyvasquez says:

This and no grid girls. I’m out. Moto GP here i come.

Colin Campbell says:

Yet another reason to prefer the LMP1s and LMP2s over F1

bisquitnspanky says:

It’s interesting how people whine and cry about how wimpy F! has become in regards to safety tech, yet the very same people cry about not allowing tech to rule over driver skill. You can’t stop stupid.

Matthias Doppenschmied says:

this is why I stopped watching F1 !

Thiago Zwetsch says:

When some team comes to the season with a brand new idea that’s not regulated FIA bans automatically to the next season ahead. This is so disgousting!

Jaroslav Záruba says:

New approach and smart solutions are the only chance for teams with smaller budgets.

ultrabaiter says:

It’s been going on for years… But f1 really needs to start letting the engineers loose on the cars. Especially they should stop killing off every new gadget as soon as it appears , as they are really penalising creativity.The rules are in place for the sake of closer competition, but they utterly fail in this respect, where each year we end up with a 2 or maybe 3 tier championship, with the front runners, mid field fighting for 4th, and then a couple of teams fighting for Survival.
Now, if f1 were to make a few more areas totally free, then it’s THAT that might give the less funded teams a chance to challenge the big teams, with innovative solutions…

I suppose thats the reason they don’t allow it, as Ferrari and co don’t want to lose points to a Sauber or Force India team, that has used engineering skill to find some speed with a trick bit of kit.

F1 is supposed to be the premier form of prototype racing, but just compare the tech arms race in f1, to LMP1, where numerous different drive trains and bodytypes have won races, and the cars are just spectacular. What with F1 also moving to a more closed cockpit, they are in real danger of losing viewers to LMP1, if that series were to suddenly be well promoted into the mainstream, put on major tv channels and really enter the non hardcore fan consciousness… Then many people will really question f1 as the pinnacle of motorsport, when it has ALMOST become a type series (like Renault V8 or something) where they really all race the same cars…. F1 has been on it’s way to being that way, and to the casual viewer it already is, with much of the cars differences hidden away under bodywork .

I still love f1 of course, and the new owners have not really put a foot wrong yet, in my opinion… But I wish they would at least try for a couple of seasons to really free up the rules, so we can see some weird and wonderful designs emerge….

I mean… What’s the worst that can happen? A team or 2 dominates all the races? We can’t have that can we?

Besides, there has always been a tried and true way of ensuring close competition in motor sport, and that is weight penalties.. Add along with that fuel load and maybe electric boost limitations etc, such as is users in LMP1…and it’s always possible to bring the field to within a reasonable range of lap times…

Sigh…. I’m pretty sure there aren’t many fans who would disagree with f1 giving more freedom to designers… And supposedly it’s the fans that drive the business decisions, since with out them it would just be a rich persons hobby…. So why must we constantly have all the innovations banned as soon as they appear, like a sad game if whack a mole?

john90430 says:

I’m confused. What are the engineers and designers there for, if every last detail of the cars are going to be so tightly regulated? I mean, is there any part of the car that isn’t prescribed down to the tiniest minutia? Might as well let the FIA design the damn things and be done with it, because that’s essentially what is happening.

2680cc says:

Call me simple, and I’m sure some of you will – but I thought it was all about the ‘best’ team winning? If that means they’ve developed some clever or stealth tech in order to beat the opposition then you know what? They may just be the ‘best’ team at that point. I love the technology side of F1 and as an engineer, the porn that goes into the cars – but if you want to balance the playing field give the teams the same money to play with instead of the top teams getting all the beans – and leave them to come up with whatever technical advancement they want. Keep rules for safety – not tech advancement. And stop giving grid penalties to drivers for BS, give it to the team instead as a points loss.

Fred says:

Crystal clear explanation, love your content !

Payne Faust says:

Teams : We’ve found something that makes us go faster!

Derpington95 says:

Same ol’ FIA lazyness. Just ban the thing and make the teams figure out how to prove they’re not using it.

Roger Whittington says:

they can ban what they want i have given up watching f1 as a life long fan i have watched as the fia and f1 governing bodys have destroyed the sport millions of fans have given up on it and i am one of them sad but its ruined R.I.P F1

Nico Meier says:

Regulation upon regulation upon regulation upon…….whatever happened to a technological cutting edge motorsport with engineering at its best?

Hus 9 says:

a faster car a more stable car wor be safer why does the FIA keep making rule changes the make the care unstable ???

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