F1’s 2019 rule changes explained

Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough take a detailed look at the changes being made to F1 cars for 2019 to help make overtaking easier. For more: https://motorsport.tv/program/motorsport-show/258


William George says:


ravinder dasila says:

There should be only 2 restrictions in my opinion:
1. Limit the fuel consumed in race
And the more important one,
2. Put a cap on r&d cost for all teams

ZeidGho says:

Use a Ferrari next time please.. Or change the ground color! Gray on gray doesn’t work

fonkyman says:

the only fucking thing they need to do is give all teams the same fucking engine… then let them do whatever they want with everything around that engine….
thats the only way to make it fair and truly about the best team and driver

scoobyruuuu says:

Ground effects!!!

Mashoto Shaku says:

How many lawyers do f1 teams have reading through all this fine print? Is this racing or law suits?

Sander de Groot says:

What is the FIA thinking? Simply idiotic

Ricardo Funes says:

Too many regulations are only good for the big teams who have tons of money to spend. The way to make F1 competitive is to free up the car design as much as possible, so smaller teams with smart engineers can come up with ways to level the field.

Gert Van Oostrum says:

Races could be more exciting if the officials don’t restrict the drivers to race.
Don’t give drivers penalties if they make a bit of contact with other drivers while racing.

Jorge Blanco says:

If it’s going to be easier to follow, then why increase the effect of DRS? Sounds to me like it’s going to make overtaking a lot easier, which isn’t the point of racing

AxemaN Racing says:

In the past, rules were changed to break the dominance of Ferrari/Schumacher. Today, the rules change to strength Mercedes.

Risto Kappet says:

Hope they also note that to help overtaking, you must also decrease the number of aero bits that can fall off after the smallest of contact. Current front wings, sidepods and floors are way too protruding and fragile. This change also slightly helps in that regard, except the wider FW.

Muhammad Hadrami says:

If it can make f1 have more over taking I don’t care how other view it. It’s kinda boring seeing only Ferrari, red bull and Mercedes only in top 3 most of the time.

Milan Ilić says:

give us back stringer engines, work on winter season that would be dope, these changes are like: yeah there was not space to put sponsorship sticker so we flattened it

Bad Taste says:

F1is too rubbish these days.

Archie Redman says:

I love high tec F1 cars not dumb down
F1 cars,if I want low tech I’ll watch other stuff,
like ##$#*5%6^%%”not going to insult anyone.”
But you get my drift.

David says:

Abu Dhabi, USA, Mexico, etc were brilliant races. But, there are too many stupid tracks on the calendar. Melbourne, Monaco, Russia, the upcoming race of Vietnam, what the fuck are those tracks? Boring and stupid. Remove those and see how exciting the races will be

Igehay Nation says:

The real issue is that cars are too long, tracks are not built for overtakings at all , its to look beautiful & state of the art but not for racing

Zachary Wieczorek says:

Does anyone else hate these changes as much as I do?

Eclair Manufacturing says:

For 2022 they’d probably replace the driver with AI

Takumi Fujiwara says:

Remove drs. Drs overtakes has no skills.

Archie Redman says:

FIA just dose not know when to stop,
do they.

The Stig's English cousin says:

Lets have the 1200BHP V12 cars with manual gearboxes and a clutch. Proper driving in proper cars. F1 today is a procession and if you make an overtaking move the stewards are all over it and give you a penalty. Its crap.

Darren Delves says:

So basically they are going to make the cars look like a kinder egg toy once again.

Sundeep Baro says:

F1 becomes very sophisticated and boring.

苫戸法師 says:

Now we:re watching 1lap atack and 1lap charging , very boring! And in the race cars are running 6sec. slower than in qualifying.
Why? Cars are carrying energy recovery system. Who hopes that absurd regulation? Maybe idiot FIA or team managers.
F1 should have better competetion like MotoGP. MotoGP machine does not carry absurd down force like in F1 but is more exciting for me.

joe coquerre says:

DRS zones should be up to the driver 100%,what a BS rule,it’s incredible and not normal that some drivers get lapped by other cars at almost every race…Hopefully the new rules will change the”game”…..

Silentx173 says:

I have a regulation change in mind… how about v8 or v10 engines. With the ability to rev up to 16-18k
Just a little suggestion

Wylie Coyote says:

Why not have a single engine supplier? Then leave everything else as is. This will create more overtaking. If some teams have an engine advantage – then nothing else really matters.

LuukH says:

Overtaking IS going to be SSOoooo easy is 2019

林君翰 says:

what about the wheel ??
Will it bigger than before??

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