Ferrari 458 Speciale preview

Discover the first images of the new Ferrari 8-cylinder. A preview of the style details and the sound of the 458 Speciale, which will be presented at the IAA Frankfurt on 10 September.

Svelate le prime immagini della nuova 8 cilindri Ferrari. In anteprima i dettagli di stile e il sound della nuova 458 Speciale che verrà presentata al salone di Francoforte il 10 settembre.


tirimut says:

It’s unbelievable that a company that makes cars like that also sell hats.

Carlyle's Picks says:

Who you talking too? LOL That car is nice but too quiet!! I want a 458 STRADALE!!

Robin Frischkopf says:

Ah I just saw what you replied to. You are right of course. 🙂

OfficialMINIm says:

lol it may be true.. but in the end, cold reality is, he can afford one. while most people cant. im sure you cant afford one either

Josh says:

lamborghini > ferrari

Sagar Sammy says:

21 dislikes from lambo

MrBadigardF1 says:



A Ferrari with 600 horsepower from a naturally aspirated V8.

Watch and learn Mclaren. 🙂

徐廣圻 says:


Jack O says:

Jeremy Clarkson is shitting himself right now

Kunio Japu says:

can’t afford it.okay na สัสสส

George Stanley says:


tirimut says:

Branded overpriced hats.

Ivancho MusicFactory says:

430- 430 scuderia- 458 italia- 458 Speciale
Beautiful car dude

James Heslop says:

EXCELLENT sound editing, very powerful stuff, thanks Ferrari!

Maty says:

Beautiful car…

Bestow5000 says:

Silly little JDM/Tuner wankers. Your cars and even the GT-R will never be as special as any Ferrari out there and that includes this even if it is faster.

MRJEAN says:

WTF A Michelin tyre!!!! Why not Pirelli P-ZERO??

MarlboroRed says:

Overpriced? Maybe ya sister

George Stanley says:

A Lamborghini (Aventador) With 700 horsepower from a naturally aspirated V12

Watch And learn Ferrari AND Mclaren. 🙂

Nick says:

Id still rather have a zonda…

diego geronimo says:

Justin Bieber! Idiot!

MrBadigardF1 says:

Sweeeet mother of christ!! This is AMAZING!
Bravo Ferrari!!

ryan christian says:

The BBC OF Ferrari

BADX6 says:


SupercarsGT says:

Thanks Ferrari for make this passion version

Robin Frischkopf says:

I’d prefer something along the line of the Sesto Elemento with 500bhp and 999kg… Less weight is the way to go.

david mcatamney says:

how to top perfection


So the Aventador needs 4 more cylenders and an extra 2000cc just to get 100 horsepower more than a 458.

C’mon son! Thats hardly a fair comparison is it??

g8gt412 says:


Abarth26 says:

Best Sportcar ever made!! 458 ITALIA !!

Marco Giardino {VerSonal2X} says:

fatemi parlare con il direttore della compagna pubblicitaria, lo spot non è abbastanza tamarro…

btw se lo possono permettere…

Anthony Speciale, Jr. says:

Dude this thing has my name

Carlyle's Picks says:

NICE car! I posted a video too but it’s just the specs and photos. I have not driven the car yet. In due time! Might be going back to Italy soon. We shall see! 🙂

MrBadigardF1 says:

Yepp, I’ve already seen your video bro. 🙂 You got some of the best videos. Going to Italy?? Lucky guy..
Are you gonna make a vid of you driving?

Luiza Hekimyan says:

@Gabobrando why should Ferrari care who buys it? For every Ferrari destroyed, the others go up in value making the car more exclusive. So why should Ferrari give?

BADX6 says:

Staubeinschlussalarm an der Nasenspitze Sek.6-7!!! Und genau das ist es was Ferrari so liebenswert macht

ZMAN1350alive says:

Eh..I like the rims and the rear end spoiler lip but dont like the back because the 3 tail pipe was like the F40 and was awesome and then the front is too much like the 430 scuderia but dont get me wrong I prefer the Scuderia over the normal 430 anyday.

Carlyle's Picks says:

Hey now! I do appreciate the Ferrari designs though. Very beautiful cars! It’s a shame I’m a lambo guy and I have so many Ferrari videos! LOL. Thats what my friends drive so can’t blame me! 🙂

Bodybuilding Empire says:

someone tried to tell me that GTR will beat this on the track! it really doesnt matter becuase the only thing that matters is that europeans make the best cars in the world. nothing else compares to them… and nothing compares to this!!!

Carlyle's Picks says:

LOL. Small world! Time will tell! 🙂

Syed Adnan says:

The problem with 458 always has been that, there is no place to stick the number plate on the front. Here in Dubai the cops stick a sticker on the left of the hood, looks ugly

Bodybuilding Empire says:

right! they look really bad now! who ever designed them has their heads in their butts

Robert Romi says:

A ferrari (Laferrari) with 800 hp from a naturally aspired V12
watch and learn Lamborghini 🙂

ErikisOfficial says:

Nice! I like it!

Azid rizqi Al Afghani says:

Wow .. New 458 Speciale. Ferrari never make boring their customer. It’s Awesome

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