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The Ferrari 488 GTB is the latest in a glorious line of mid-engined V8 coupes to roll out of the Maranello gates. It shares plenty in common with its predecessor, the 458, but the big change comes from the way it delivers its power. That’s because the 488 is the first mid-engined production Ferrari since the iconic F40 to feature turbocharging. But has the new power unit taken away from the experience, or does this feel just as special as any other Ferrari? I find out by putting the 488 through an in-depth road test.

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In perspective….. this Ferrari is way too much car fot Matt, but it’s like a Fiat Panda to Vettel. Let me just digest that for a moment.

Rick van der Wiel says:

Go Let sy your porsche

Jim Jim says:

Im so happy i got this car las year!!!! I’am a neurosurgeon

Robbae says:

wish they had the three exhausts, not two tho

Mohamed Nasreldin says:

I like his shirt what’s that brand ?

Raghu Reddy says:

You r too funny.
You have to be in good mood always .

sachin kulkarni says:

I think Honda NSX much better than this particular ferrari…

therealG says:

If you get an orange Ferrari, you’re a mug

Mate Živković says:

No armrest?? Naaah

edd k says:

What people fail to understand is that a Ferrari is not an SUV why the flip would it need to fit 3 ppl in the back it’s a sports carrrrr ppl!!!!

Rick Vulcan says:

Best review of the 488 yet. 🙂

Jason Jung says:

Ferrari got skeeted

xXxBo5sANaCxXx says:

no n/a V12? Next…

Santiago Carranza says:

The lads on the traffic light were pointing out the lack of size over certain department being compensated with the vehicle…

Ivan Earnhart says:

I think I get what the pinky means, great car but seems driver is compensating for something down south.

シTheCødyMavrick2.0ツ says:

the pinky finger thing means posh probably, just like drinking with your pinky finger sticking out

Pramit Nandi says:

Why they r loosing to Lambos

Agent piggles says:

i prefer cars like the huracan perfermonte and the 720s, the 720s just beats this car at acceleration by like a second, for the same price, (and better looks), the huracan perfermante is also muh faster, not 720s fast but i also think that the huracan looks better to EDIT: ok mabe not a second faster

jonrichwilson says:

You didn’t mention water bottle storage – this is key when I’m buying a car.. Im torn between a 488 or a Ford Focus… The key decision factor being; how much 1 or 2 litre water bottle storage do I have (other than the foot well – which most people use)…?

Amirahmad Adibi says:

i love your reviews , you just do it sooooooo right and not wasting time.

Nathan Tiffen says:

6:25 its because English Londoners are too low class for Ferrari’s.

Cristiano Reda says:

bad color choice.

david chizi says:

Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh sort of like that

alphablaze 702 says:

The 488 has no storage space, bad mileage, only 2 seats and it can’t go offroading. I’d take a Pruis over this thing anyday…jk jk

Ikram Cader says:


Ryan Angkasa says:

Yeah its brilliant car

Unfortunately its Brown

Simeon Painter says:

National speed limit is variable.

thisis real life says:

Shit interior….

Hammad Sheikh says:

interior is only reason I would not buy this. Interior isnt very nice imo

Jim Jim says:

Should i buy this or a Lamborghini aventador

Arslan Jalal says:

Price please

John M says:

I actually dont like the color

Hina Shah says:

Hi Mat,
It would be awesome to see you do a drag race between Ferrari 488 and Pinnagle

E MTBR says:

I really like the rear of the car
BUT i dont like the front of the car
It somehow looks like a strech-faced frog…

Diego Torpoco Barrera says:

The carbon ceramic brakes do that noise because they are made for heavy use, if they are used slightly then they will produce this noise. They are meant for the track 3:)

Kholo Mokolo says:

My favourite car reviewer in all of the internet

FixxxeR208 says:

Speaking of ‘scary Ferrari’, try the F12 and switch all the driving mode buttons off and see how scary it really is.

tulsi bhattarai says:

No arm rest?

Ernie Flannel says:

The red engine clashes terribly with that orange paintwork. Id rather have it in yellow or red, im boring, and… too poor to afford it anyway 😀

Mystkal Diamond says:

That colour looks stupid

maxx1991 says:

lol i think he though you had a small wiener lol

Remanan Arun says:

Top speed 202 mph? Srsly

Leroy Sané says:


Stefan Tsarev says:

Oh, I want this car.

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