IT”S DONE!!!!!!!!!!

plastic bond –

Chuki Beats –
High Rule – Control –


antsolja says:

just put a led light bar in the gap for a tail brake light

Silku says:

You should make F1 style breaking light in middle of diffuser vent.

Suicide Gabriel says:

Do a Ferrari swap xD I love it dude! Great Build <3

Avetho Plays says:

So a plastic welder is a high power soldering iron with a flat angled tip? Cool.

Btw, I forgot to click that sub button a while ago last I checked out this series. I clicked it this time!

Biwaqu says:

Looks actually stupid 😀

Neil Hamer says:

This build is great keep up the awesome build .

Dereck Smith says:

For the third break light you could probably pull one outta an oem wing of a car like a WRX, STI, etc.

Jordan O'Neill says:

the third brake light can be sourced from a spoiler, you know how spoilers usually have a LED strip brakelight? i reckon if you do a wreckers run you’ll find one perfect for that hole

Abdul Muaz Bin Amir says:

dude, you are awesome

antsolja says:

shes looking cool!

Keenan Wedge-Joudrey says:

That would look sick!!

Lennart R. // LK Bonsai says:

hey man, i really enjoy your video project with the mr2. myself i have a celica supra mk2 1982 l-type, and in few month it goes on streets, think i should upload some videos 🙂

Tommy Fowler says:

FairPlay on doing your own stuff . Thumbs up

GRIP says:

You could make the exhaust come out the scoop spot on the bumper. Just find a tip or get one made that fits in that space that connects to 2.5”-3” piping or whatever you’re going to run. Similar to a Focus ST tip just for a reference

Hoang B4 says:

For the tail light, go to the junk yard and get a third brake light from something cool like an Audi or a Mercedes.

Manuel Arriola says:

can i order body kits from you? i want a rocket bunny for my Z

Tyrell Hamilton says:

Measure the light and source a local junkyard and find one that you like and fits

Krokodile 55 says:

Imagine that someone rear end hims ;c

Stan the Epic Vloger says:

Yay finally. I will buy also an mr2

Total Equinox says:

That’s beautiful

ItzaMeZeeZee says:

Put a 2j in it

ben ebright says:

please dont use the same song for 14 minutes again

Gabin Coelho says:


m5mcmullen says:

Use a 3rd brake light from a BMW Z3 it looks about the same size and shape as the opening on your bumper.

Keenan Wedge-Joudrey says:

Led 8” single strip light bar for your rear break light with red tint

nikola simic says:

Maybe you should put the 3rd break light in to defusers vent…behinde on top. It will be a little hidden but only till you break ofc.

Johnathan Crumm says:

I like the idea of a brake light where the license plate was. Or even the brake light behind the diffuser center grille. Keep up the progress and you’ll see that more inspirational ideas come from it all.

Mad Joe Mak says:

The LED strip and see through plastic idea sounds great! I’d love to see you do that

Bryan Robiou says:

Is the exhaust going to be on the middle

rc2300s2r says:

YAS! Now we’re getting somewhere. I just saw a 430 today and it reminded me to check back. Cars looking good

Yeah a thin led strip to fit in the bump flush would be best I think. Just red though not clear for the cover.

Avetho Plays says:

This car isn’t heavily modified. It’s heavily loved 🙂

jimiz1 says:

the two part epoxy is the way to go, dries nice and can be sanded

illestKEVIN says:

This build is starting to become one of my favorites, keep up the work. Progressing dramatically! Your son is going to grow up and own a Supra lol.

Stephen Waletzki says:

Great job, I really like it. I think making the side pieces black would be better as well. As far as the exhaust, I’d make a custom dual tipped exhaust that exits in the center of the diffuser where the mesh is.

Matthew warn says:

Looks like the centerline of the diffuser and the centerline of the bumper is off a bit. It would drive me nuts. 11:30 good job though. Looks like your having fun

Angel Martinez says:

Your doing MR2 God’s work, Son..

nikos sicks says:

I can’t understand the way you work on that car.First you start with the plastic welder with no knowledge how it works.Then you try the right way to glue the part!The next think is to paint the part.Then you put it on the car and you cut a fresh new paint because you don’t even try to fit it on the car after the fix!My eyes are hurt i feel sorry about the time you spend on that paint still looks like cut!

Sjoerd Couwenberg says:

make that tail light in the defuser like an Ferrari LaFerrari does!

jimiz1 says:

Plastic tie straps work great as a filler and they are cheap.

Cocainomano1313 says:

Nuker tienes que ver esto!

Dicks X McIronCocke says:

Very cool, love the attention to detail especially with the u-strip.

Are you going to be tuning the engine to make the car go like it looks?

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