Ferrari F1 SF71H 2018 Explained

The SF71H (the code name for the 669 project) is the sixty fourth single-seater car designed and produced by Ferrari to compete in the Formula 1 World Championship. Rule changes introduced last season led to the introduction of significant aerodynamic modifications and wider tyres, all aimed at increasing performance. Therefore the new 2018 Ferrari F1 car has been created to make the most of the experience gained last year. Compared to 2017’s SF70H, the wheelbase has been changed slightly, with the side dimensions also revised along with the cooling system. The suspension follows the tried and tested practice of using push-rods at the front and pull-rods at the rear, however, their design has been updated based on experience gained during the first season running the wider tyres.

Cockpit protection

The most obvious element to catch the eye is the Halo, designed to protect the cockpit area. After two years of on-track testing, it has now entered the rule book. It weighs around 7 Kg, plus fittings and this has only been partly compensated for with an increase of 5 Kg – from 728 to 733 – to the minimum car weight set in the 2018 regulations.

Power Unit

The number of V6 engines that can be used over the course of the season, without incurring a penalty, continues to decrease, this year from 4 to 3. The same number applies to the turbo-compressor and MGU-H – the energy recovery system attached to the turbo – while only 2 MGU-K -the device that generates kinetic energy linked to the transmission – are allowed over the year, a figure which also applies to the electronic control unit and the batteries. Therefore those in the engine department have also based their work on these new parameters.

The programme

After it’s launch on Thursday 22nd February, the SF71H will be transported to Barcelona’s Catalunya Circuit, for a filming day on Sunday 25th, followed by the start of testing proper on Monday 26th. The first session runs to the end of Thursday 1st March, while the second test takes place at the same circuit from 6th to 9th March. Both Scuderia Ferrari race drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel will be driving.

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M. Richmond says:

Explaining what exactly?

Murphy moe says:

That front spoiler is just TOO UGLY

Frouch Itude says:

The FIA championship is a big joke. The goal is to sale …. again, and again, and again…

Chris A says:

cool video, go Kimi !

SeaBass Gorka says:

A brand new car Vettel can complain in, and about.

Mike Spadafora says:

The rear half of the car is disgusting

Sexy Vision says:

i remeber Gilles ))

Jonathan Pacheco says:

Horrible look, horrible halo. I’m thinking that Ferrari would have another bad season

James Mason says:

Ferrari is like a beautiful woman holding a gun on her lap as she waits enthusiastically for you to pick her up for the evening. I’ll never forget the winter Olympics in Italy and the Ferrari display. Magic!

Mark Wehbe says:

Thanks just for Michael Schumacher cz he make the ferrari’s since the time when he was champion he came to ferrari in 1996 to improve that I make the car not the car make drivers .the ferrari was nothing.schumi came to ferrari to get back with him to the victories after the big shutdown and failers of the ferrari company.this is history Luca dimontezemelo u can not lie.So every time u wake up say thank you schumi and God help you so u can get well soon because u helped us michael before.

pejko89 says:

And I thought a dick nose was one time incident…

Juan Pablo Casallas Moreno says:

Ferrari le mejor marca del mundo

Robin in The Hood says:

Now with Alfa back in F1, my personal opinion is that the four-leaf clover should be on the Alfa-livery. I know that the car isn’t full-build Alfa Romeo, but history is history and it would only be right that Alfa had that logo on their car.

Magic Rojava says:

Centinaia di milioni di budget… ma con la Bic blu pure loro scrivono eheh

Mark W says:

That halo looks so ugly. I rather have a windshield/windscreen

Black Legion says:

the beast unleash

Mega Jaxx says:

Yes to everything…but the halo

Rupert Murdock says:

Disgusting. Gruesome nasty cars for the year 2018. Fuck on F1 policy. Every year looses more tension, danger, that passion what was in this sport. They marvel at the loss of the audience.

giannisgt28rs says:

thnx :R

Gordon Anderson says:

Holy pig snout Bat(mobile)man – the way that front wing attaches to the nose/snout is beyond Science Fiction – high art of aerodynamics!
Yet shrinking the tail down as small as possible is where the top end speed is found, no drag pocket back there on this rocket.

Hill says:

wow 300 disliked coz of his accent? sad.

Niron Naganathar says:

Where is the explaining the car part of this video? Such a misleading title!

Le Paddy says:

Can you tell me name of the music? 02:00

Juan Rios says:

Its all well and Dandy, but why not use an unrestrictive clear canopy, such as a fighter plane instead of that horrible Halo devise…besides looking stoopid, I hope it lasts only a season, then removed for the next..nice vid.

DaansKanaaltje says:

Whooooohoooo its beging

Gazmend Haxhiaj says:

tell him to learn eng

Demon Kuznetsov says:

Удачи команде !

Solar Plexus says:

+1 down vote for the lack of explanation. ..fewls.

IlluminatiGaming 0999 says:

The halo is hideous!!! On any f1 car

Jon Donnelly says:

Mostly wank art sandwiched between some photos.

Eugene Elkin says:


Braveheart says:

You might want to remove the “explained,” from the end of your title bro. That word being added to the end was the only reason I clicked …. Oh wait….was that on purpose ? Surely not.

adambs2 says:


Lucas Sitanggang says:

This SF71H can motivate Sebastian Vettel become World Champion this year
Support Sebastian Vettel become World Champion 2018 with Scuderia Ferrari!

xxyxx says:


Mike Fries says:

What’s with the Alfa four leaf clover on a Ferrari?

andi massey says:


David Longmuir says:

Anyone decent at 3D design can create a concept.. it’s meaningless – let’s look at trends from 80’s to now to workout what the future of F1 will be: Less power, less noise, more economy, most likely full electric (with speakers to simulate a real engine noise ofcourse), more safety… So realistically we’ll have silent vehicles running on skalextric trax, go-kart bumpers or cars inside big hamster balls/ zorbs to stop collision and the tracks will have a polite overtaking lane. Let’s not forget those tasty gender-neutral pit-peeps in long trousers to oggle at. A recipe for success lol.

Kozma Dave says:

Very good

Евгений Баландюк says:

Очень круто!!! Феррари как всегда лучше всех!!! Феттель ты лучший!!!

James James says:

I didn’t understand the explanation

Ian Liu says:

rear wing didn’t have Sponsors’ logo yet…too monotonous…

Otto Stierlitz says:

nice vid, destroyed by annoying, fucked up sounds

Roberto Wejszko says:

Molto fantastico e molto Bella augury e in Boca a lupo

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