Ferrari F1 tech update – new floor slots and fins – Peter Windsor

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Craig Scarborough talks to Peter Windsor about the latest-spec floor seen on the F1 Ferrari SF71Hs on Friday in Austin. More intricate than ever, the new shapes also give a pointer to the team’s thinking for 2019

Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough

Images: Albert Fabrega (Copyright)


Philip Condron says:

Got to love engineers. There’s always a opportunity somewhere on the car

The Truth says:

A whole floor with vents, holes and wings. Yet you have Ferrari crying about Mercedes’ wheels

james goodwin says:

It’s all getting very silly

op3l says:

Just make it not open wheel already. Look at endurance racing, those guys are racing hard for 24 hours and f1 which is suppose to be a sprint race has to constantly conserve fuel and tires

Random10 says:


Pushyhog says:

Show the machine, we definitely don’t need to look at you two. Light and zoom in @ more than 1 angle.

Curious Cat says:

Rules in 2018: “you can add all the fins and barge thingies and more fins and slots and fins in these areas, the front wing can be super complex and full of fins and slots”

Rules for 2020: “The car must be a box made of 6 straight sides”.

David David says:

In summary, we hope that the fans will see a slight improvement in overtaking next year. However, the aero guys will diminish the improvement by increasing the outwash from the bargeboards and floor.

Could this be banned in 2020, or do we really have to wait until 2021 for the overtaking problem to be significantly improved. It seems like a very long time for F1 fans to wait around for.

Archie Knight says:


Jason Brown says:

Thanks Peter, your stuff is terrific.

mtassface says:

Makes one wonder if they let the aerodynamicist free how soon would the car gain feathers and take cues from birds

Fabian MadridReyes says:

Why can’t we just have the same aero from 2004 and keep the v6.

Seriously tho

Alex Lamas says:

Okay manipulating the floor is one thing but what if we got rid of bargeboards altogether? If they are simplifying the front wings won’t the teams try and regain all that lost aero in the bargeboards?

Simon Schneider says:

Just wanted to say thanks a lot for your videos Peter. They offer a great insight into F1 which I have no idea on how to get otherwise. Keep it up!

seanek9 says:

How many times have we been sold the dream of overtaking by the FIA now? Kers, DRS, narrow wings, wide wings, shit tyres, wide tyres.

gareth milton says:

@peterwindor Q- Peter, at do you make of the news that William Storey’s Rich energy drink was about to be named as the title sponsor for Williams next year (and they really need it with Martini pulling out) but then went with Hass at the very last minute. Sad times for the great Williams team. Love the channel, just wish your videos were longer.

_tamtan_ says:

There are two eggs on front wing. What are they? Are they some kind of device from FIA?

sennadasilva11 says:

So much for a flat floor. This is a joke.

Noob Tube says:

i think this tinkering with the floor will create the same issue as complex front wings have done in the 2018 season,

All the drivers & teams moan they can’t follow other cars closely, then they do this in preparation for the 2019 rule change for a less complicated front wing,

The floor will still disturb the air for the following car,

The FIA needs to stamp it out and stop making such woolly rules that can be gamed for an advantage,

but it isn’t illegal as no rule has been defined for it,

just close the loop holes and we get better, closer racing and more overtaking,

All the team bosses say fans want more overtaking but they do everything in thier power to stop it,

The last race would of had a different result for the top 3 finishers with less air disturbance between the cars.


shud hav reserv ths update for next season. Now everybody’s copying dis.

Wayne Clement says:

Modern F1 cars look like cheese graters

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