Ferrari GTC4Lusso in detail. Ferrari’s new V12 FF replacement | evo MOTOR SHOWS

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is the latest car to launch from Maranello. Featuring four seats, all-wheel-drive and a 680bhp V12, it blurs the line between performance and practicality.

evo’s Henry Catchpole takes you through the car in detail at the Geneva Motor Show here.

Read our Ferrari GTC4Lusso preview here –

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Michael Schneider says:

A Ferrari GTC4 Lusso ….. Just the car needed to make the 100 mile Denver to Eagle County ski area’s …. Make mine in Stone Grey Metallic w/ black leather everywhere….. Michelin Alpin snow tires should do …  Living the dream …..

Gerasimos Rico says:

Never liked ferrari ff looks and this one

Crouton Doom says:

Easily one of my favorite Ferraris

Psyco says:

I think the new steering wheel looks awfull ! Hope it doesn’t cary over to future models…

HEKTIC458 says:

Looks ugly at the back. Why didnt they fix the rear?

elena delarosa says:

sadly it looks like a toyota from the front

JetNinjaMonkey says:

Free service for 7 years??? Did I just hallucinate that? Wish Ducati would offer that.

Hass. T™ says:

The rear looks way better than the FF.

pudy77 says:

you didn’t show the back seat as this is a first for Ferrari

M3Conv says:

I like it too

Emmanuel Abiodun says:

Gimme gimme gimme !!!

Larz says:

Everything is awesome about it, except for how it looks.

ShadowUOP says:

This car makes me very moist. Best looking new generation Ferrari

TheJoeMB says:


Relaxation Station says:

Totally Awesome!

abdul raheem says:

I guess GTC-4 lusso is coming!!!!

yardelli says:

Love it – looks like the old-school long nosed front engined Fezza’s from the ’60’s and ’70’s…..

Gavin Keaty says:

If I could get the new interior, software, and power upgrades, and keep the previous gens exterior looks…that would be perfect.

Lawrence Lo says:

2:25 Free serevice for a Ferrari?!?!

Moff's Autos says:

I really like it! I prefer the car to the FF by far!

Kaipeternicolas says:

No word about the much lower quality of the new steering wheel??? @evo

Ajay Vc says:

You could have shown something about the rear seating as it is the main distinguishing feature of this ferrari.

nigel nuj says:

Will the f12 berlinetta have a replacement soon? With another NA engine?

jov.bzzzt says:

Front is ugly. Back looks better than before.

Mzee1084 says:

Not a fan of the shape 🙁

J Ovesen says:

Looks fantastic. Love the side vents, the new rear lights and the interior.


To put it bluntly, “FF got more swag”

FunkyBear says:


Howard Noble says:

Fantastic car. This and the Arbarth 124 stars of the show for me this year

SS8000cars says:

The new GTC4Lusso is a natural progression of the FF in almost every way. Whether you like the looks or you don’t, personally I do having owned one, you have to remember this is the Ferrari you can use every day. Although sizeable it shrinks around you when driven quickly, or the FF did, but there is no reason to suppose that the GTC4 will be any different, possibly even better having the benefit of four wheel steering. If you do question the looks you will not question the sound that emanates from the V12…….enough of a reason in itself!

Rover Waters says:

boring car

muslim soldier says:

love the rear lights

Jason Andrew says:

What is the point of the ff and now the gtc4lusso? Waste of power and technique from Ferrari creating a useless “station wagon”

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