Ferrari Manufacturing Factory Tour Italy – Videsh Consultz

Ferrari Manufacturing Unit in Italy. Videsh Consultz is a team of young, highly experienced, educated professionals including Germany, Italy & Europe graduates. Together they all have great expertise and good understanding of the culture, education system, universities abroad and what it can offer Indian students in terms of career goals, employment and settlement. Call: 040- 4003-0088.


Shaharyar Khan says:

Very nice

Kevin Schwinkendorf says:

Plus battery technology is in its infant stage. Remember how cell phones evolved. Give it ten to twenty years and combustion engine cars will be a thing of the past.

Tony Scarlett says:

i dont like ferraris

Andre Calabrese says:

Mi piace

Faruk Varani says:


Ainer Boy says:


Ban Co says:

Sad ! It seems the old traditional hand built craftsmanship and fiberglass body structures design that’s what made Ferrari World famous and high priced are gone .

Erpa Santhosh says:

super assemble in car my dream job in car company i love it work

Andika Dwi says:

dream car
always RED

John Campeau says:

No Carbon Fiber tubes? 720 is the way to go !

juustcaars 67 says:


Ashok Choudhary says:

My dream frari car

Muhammed Rasik says:

The best car

Joe Gomez says:

What a Cool place to work Filled with Plants

Bilal Attari says:

My car

lon sophat says:

Sh t

juustcaars 67 says:

I ❤ferrari

cencoon cencooon says:

suatu saat nanti saya akan beli pasti saya belii

Liscris Productions says:

“Too Many Doors” – (Auto-Advert-Soundtrack)

Tom Mirakulix says:

Also wenn man sich ein AMG kauft bekommt man mehr für sein Geld.

Ilham Jaya says:

my dream work in FERRARI

Richard Evans says:

Looks like a great place to work! Nice.

Ainer Boy says:


Ainer Boy says:

love u

กิจจา โพธิ์หอมศิริ says:

แจ๊วดีจังนะจ๊ะ 777

bohemia bohemia says:

my dream is work at ferari

4TheRecord says:

(In Italian) “Ok boys, lets all go outside in our new uniform and walk back in again. Remember, lots of smiles. Hey, you five at the back, take these cycles for a spin around the site. Look happy people. Big smiles.”

Shakeel Afridi AFRIDI says:

I love Ferraris car

Jessie Calina says:

Dear ferari..can I have 1 of your car ..even if it is junk or not working..I will find a way to make it work..any model..I will accept it..

Donald Scott says:


Diwakar Gautam says:


Karol Pietrzak says:

fatto a la mano non credo ciao

Karol Pietrzak says:

fatto a la mano non credo ciao

Kevin Schwinkendorf says:

What a waste! The up and coming electrics will blow away any combustion engine sports car. So inefficient.

Google Mama says:

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i am a web designer.
If i can help you. I am ready to do that.
I hope you like watching my Gig.

Thank you!

Agustino Karega says:

Whoever is watching while scrolling on the comments thumbs up

Kevin Schwinkendorf says:

We will also see linear transmissions. No steps!

Ainer Boy says:


LauroRM says:


Miguel Santiago says:

Beautiful Big Thumbnail for Fb with fast load says:

nice video

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