Ferrari tech update with Craig Scarborough

TRE’s Craig Scarborough looks back at the flat battery that caused Fernando Alonso’s tardy getaway at Spa and wonders why today’s F1 cars don’t carry self-starters. Also in this video: interesting goings-on at Marussia and Caterham

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starmountainkid says:

If the cars had self-starters in them, Alonso’s battery would still have been flat!

Charles Henderson says:

Thanks again Peter. Sorry for being such a trouble maker. But here I go again. Excellent point made about starters. And my problem is how come they take two steps backward after making one step forward. The cars should have starters, more wing front and rear, and what’s so special about turbo if the cars are down on power. They should be brought back to 900 hp at least. Refueling should be put back in the mix. There should be a pit team award for the teams that manage to go through the year with the fastest times without incident. Maybe work it in the overall point system. Or better yet, have better prizes for the teams so they can get some more recognition. After all, there would be no racing without them. Oh yeah, and we need at least three tire manufacturers. That would really make everything much more exciting. Sorry for running on but I had to get that out. I think the way they do things is the sport more dull and less appealing. I mean what’s next, covering the open wheels like they did to the Indy cars. That’s ugly!

NearFear says:

Good to see Caterham making some new developments. 

G33RTJEH says:

What’s keeping the teams of using the MGU-K to start the car? I would expect it to be possible with a few kilobytes of extra code

Charlie Snowball says:

“Ferrari tech update”? All that was said about Ferrari was that Alonso’s battery was flat in Spa!

jack black says:

Peter. the Mclaren P1 uses the the MGUK that sits where the starter motor used to be in a normal engine, and uses battery power. It would be easy to set this up. as F1 cars run their MGUK in the same spot as well 

speeddemonsliderule says:

Thanks Peter, TRE is awesome, Keep up the good work! My question is: where was it that Marrusia got their rear suspension from after the removal of FRIC? Im sorry I’ve seen the video a few times and I can’t quite grasp it. Thanks again. 

Sanjiv Sriram Srinivasan says:

Absolutely ridiculous that in this day and age, the world’s most advanced cars can’t start by themselves. I hope it changes in 2015. It’s almost a rookie mistake by the FIA to not have a €30 spark plug.

SquidCaps says:

They should start with engines turned off, they can only start when first red light comes on.. The car that has least amount of energy wasted on starting the engine has the most battery power on first lap.

We would get good place to perfect “stop/start” systems (when engine is turned off in the trafficllights..) if F1 makes it a basic feature. They got everything they need in place.

RZenith says:

There was more of Marussia’s tech updates than Ferrari’s…

Nico Montinola says:

How much added weight to make them self-starting?  You will need a starter motor of course but I don’t know if they can make it work like a road car…is the flywheel toothed like a road car, I don’t think so.  I think it will add about 15 kg to the car which is substantial I believe, maybe worth 0.2 second a lap?  That’s enough to risk not having one if the other teams are not using one.  But if you make it mandatory then it would have to be worked out. 

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