Ferrari vs Mercedes Technical Differences 2017 F1 {1080p 60fps}

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Amir Rad says:

Ted: Flow control??!!?!?! haha this guys has no clue!!!

TheHuppis says:

More videos like this please!

Helio Komagata says:

The older guy sounds completely uninterested and inpatient

Mohammed Shiraz says:

Fia is ruining the game

xianyue Ai says:

100kg per second ?? how much fuel does the cars have ??

Josh Campbell says:

Great video, I’ve been watching a lot of your vids Saizzle, keep it up!

Jame's says:

i would love to see audi and porsche fight in F1 xD

Takumi Fujiwara says:

funny how ferrari is much better aeros but merces are only good in the straights. so this analysis is bullshit

Aaron Joy says:

long story short….. THE FERRARI IS BETTER.

Ole says:

I want a reality TV show of the engineers of these cars modifying them on the fly during races, must be crazy

Morello says:

A round of applause to the crazy engineers who are wining races for the drivers and no one cares to know their names.

marco gerardi says:

Ferrari is the best, i hate mercedes

pietro mion says:


iVlog says:

What’s odd, is they say about saving weight here and there, in reality just being a few kg, maybe put a female driver in there and you’ll save weight and make the cockpit smaller their even even more lightweight!

Cok Nic says:


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