Ferrari’s smoke-screen

We take a look at the tech details behind the reasons why the 2018 F1 Ferrari leaves a smoke trail, for more head to


Chambers1831 says:

*its not very effective*

Friendly Robot says:

Shit, amateurish video. Don’t even bother putting this crap out if Peter or Scarbs are not going to be in the video.

First Last says:

Imagine if Formula One was returned to being the pinnacle of engineering achievement, rather than a transexual castrated bastard serving as a Bukkake b!tch it now is.

Nathan Gamble says:

Didn’t really explain it…

Parker Portlock says:

Other than the obvious reason of weight, why not use a catch can? I guess it is F1 so if they’re allowed to just release it then it’s not worth the extra effort to contain it.

cormac sheehan says:

OK so the turbo is cold; why doesn’t any other car have do that

Mohankrishna Bh says:

Why doesn’t it happen for the Mercedes

Google+ SUCKS BALLS - the worst forced social network says:

Do they have airbags yet?

Tomás Nicolau da Costa says:

Is this also present in the Haas? It seemed to be pouring smoke out the back as well in Bahrain

PunkNerve says:

It’s subliminal Marlboro sponsorship.

max Leitner says:

Die “grüne” Formel 1…. shippern innerhalb einer saison zig mal über Teich und streichen technische Lösungen welche emissionen reduzieren… aber hauptsache man schafft das nachtanken ab um Umweltdreundlicher zu sein….. so bescheuert

Sergiu Gabriel says:

Honestly, what are we doing, Formula 1 or Super Mario Bros?

Adam Webb says:

This is strange. There was two reasons the breather went back into the engine… 1: oil on the track/road. 2: emissions. Road cars do the same. Why change this back?!

In theory these cars are now illegal to run in the EU? Lol

ThePhantomLives says:

So the purpose of this thing is to be like KITT?

no pls says:

i call hacks on that

Aldo Vassi says:

The Ferrari is a reptilian car! The smoke is “Chemtrails—How They Affect You and What You Can Do”. Like the airplanes, also Ferrari releases trails of toxic fog, that is a part of the NaziVeganAlien conspiracy of the Freemasons and the Illuminati. Sono Italiano, di Roma, i’m from Rome, the Pope told me, I’m from Rome, I’m Italian!

Rimantas V says:

and where are the ecology guys now?

Graham Clifton says:

Formula one teams burn oil through the engine to gain more power .. it used to be about 2.5 litres per race .. it’s now down to about one litre.. the routing of the crank case venting has changed so the cars are now more smokey ..
Having oil in the cylinders when cold helps with starting because the engine is so tight because tolerances are so minimal .

Blame USA says:

WOW…. will they overtake now? been waiting since 1997

Jeff inToronto says:

This video was a “nothing burger”.

Stig Cruise says:

This seems like a backward step for F1 regulations. Can someone explain why they remove the breather tube from the air box and vented directly to the atmosphere . From an environmental standpoint it’s pretty reckless and I know that all racing association’s have been put under pressure to make emissions better this seems like it makes emissions worse. From a driver standpoint this is adding a dangerous and variable to the track.

ijuwan says:

I’m petty sure it’s just the ICEMAN’S Aura manifesting…
Followed by a Prancing Horse emerging through it!


The Sophy and Shawn ship gan page says:

1 step closer from making death race real thing

Zackary Chong says:

vape yall.

Gerald Miguel says:

Mercedes and other F1 teams: What’s with your car and the smoke?
Ferrari: It’s vaping

Ed Mathews says:

So are we seeing oil burning, or exhaust gasses that aren’t re-burned?

Neal O'Gorman says:

Why the shit music??

martoto77 says:

Been hearing this same rubbish innuendo all year “They’re allowed to do that, but……”. And the ‘but’ never arrives.

Dr. Spectre says:

All these stupid rules have made me watch F1 less & Formula E more. At least Formula E is about the drivers, unlike F1. All these FIA F1 rules dont create a level playing field as cars are radical different & dont get me started about that STUPID HALO!! What a snore fest! Any overrated moron like Lewis can jump in a GREAT car & as long as they dont leave their team &/or engine manufacturer, this will continue to win because they have the best car. On the other hand you have great drivers like Kimi & Seb who haven’t had the best cars but are MUCH better drivers. Of course you wouldn’t know this listening to Martin Brundle who like most of my fellow brits, has his nose SO FAR up Lewis Hamiltons butt, that he could see what Hamilton had for dinner. On top of that you have idiots like Verstappen who will end up killing himself or God Forbid, someone else. Someone needs to tell that moron to have a little humility & stop being such an arrogant, cocky & rude sod.

deegan463 says:

The breather venting into the airbox…are we talking PCV? Valve cover breather?

Tony Valdez says:

GJ FIA,F1 are hybrids and produce smoke…what next?

DHH says:

Why aren’t the three fins at the bottom of the diffuser straight cut? It seems to have a bias towards the left of the car. Does this change from track to track?

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