GENEVA: An Invite From Ferrari!

Hi everyone.

Feeling very lucky to be invited by Ferrari to spend a few hours at The Geneva Motor Show to see the brand new 488 Pista! What a beauty!!! I absolutely love the look of it.

What colour would you choose??

I hope you enjoy my Vlog of some of my day.

Thanks as always for the support x

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Don Juan150 says:

Thanks for showing a different perspective on the show.!!

Nikhil Mistry says:

Do you know how to speak Afrikaans?

Ikson says:


Winnipeg Car Life says:

First time watching one of your videos, Emma. You gained a subscriber!

PlayerX says:

You and Nicki Shields driving a Ferrari… my goodness, I am looking forward to that one. And, if you like the pista, I can’t imagine what Ferrari will do to the 812 in the near future. Imagine the “pista” version of that! Cheers.

celilexus says:

Shmee sucks! I prefer watching your videos!

carenthusiastZA ZA says:

Very good behind the scenes at Ferrari!

rivella99 says:

Did you learn some Swiss-German there too?

Golden Eagle says:

stay with portofino

SEANJOHN 92663 says:

A really HOT YouTuber I am a sub for sure..

Adam Balding says:

Another fuckwit money grabbing advert junckie

conkgord says:

Good one sweetheart. ❤️

LuxMan says:

New 488 Pista looks so much better than standard 488.. Happy Women’s Day btw ;D

P Predmore says:

Watching someone that clearly doesn’t know shit about or even seem to have much passion for cars. Maybe she thinks her out of a box blonde hair is enough to get her through. At this point I think anyone can “claim” to be a car enthusiast. What a joke.

Italo Arpaia says:

La vedo e’ una ferrari.Bhe’ direi vera passione.

Malcolm Stephenson says:

Looking good to me

Nick says:


Snarge22 says:

Miss Emma’s videos are kind of low-key and enjoyable. Don’t always have to have high intensity in everything.
And Tony is certainly the kid of guy you’d enjoy a few beers with to hear about his car experiences.

Erik Nilsen Aamot says:

Great that you filmed Emma! Great fun to watch. Brilliant with all the Ferrari content 😀

Michael says:

At this point I feel like Ferrari are going to just give you a car

Miguel Rivera says:

cum on the girls indeed

coming soon says:

Whats your favourite car ?

john wheeler says:

nice to see tony made it

Anderson C says:

Porsche had/has a custom design service…so now Ferrari follows “suit”…not surprising…I mean if you’re going to spend $300,000 on a Ferrari Pista…might as well be able to fully customize it. 🙂

csopr says:

Great video Emma.

tag ed says:

Nice video emma was looking forward to this video keep up your amazing work 🙂

juzaili jasmay says:

Cool jumper

Daniel GTG Drives says:

That Pista is beautiful!

H-Gaming 13 says:

Hi emma!! Im going to Geneva next week for skiing

Adam Harley says:

Love the behind the scenes with Ferrari and I really like your POV shots. Cannot wait to see more of you and Ferrari!

Andrei Lomov says:

half video only about your make up face(((

Shinnosuke's History 彡 says:


Its_Squeezy says:

Ferrari 488 Pasta was not the star of the show thats for shore. Tony wrong

Fletch says:

Great video Emma, hope you had a great time.

Stuart Parker says:

Respect for Toni

D Jm says:

TONY loves FERRARI yeas ….. smart guy

Stefan Leggott says:

Who are these people spelling TONY, ‘TONI’ for a dude. I cry.

MrFredCars says:

Heey cool great video!!

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