I Found The New Ferrari Portofino

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With the help of Damian from The Car Guys TV, I get in to the Ferrari 70th Anniversary event and find the new Ferrari Portofino, the replacement to the Ferrari California.

You can follow Damian’s adventures here;

Big thanks to Hotel Savoy Florence for the incredible lunch. To find out more about their hotels, click here;

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Nigol T. says:

My god the Italians have design/styling hard coded into their DNA.   I swear the Portofino is simply stunning!

Dan Alex says:

i’m actually killing a jar of nutella right now but my mouth is watering over those dishes !!!!

J Mos says:

Styling of the Porto is too polarizing. Has all the ingredients of a fruit salad. I’ll take the California any day verses the Pigofino.

Michael Jackson says:

I know you’re obsessed w Ferrari. How do you feel about the way they make you buy into their brand!? I think it’s ridiculous. I know others do it and it’s wrong. I don’t have this kind of money but if I did, why can’t I walk in and order a car of my choosing. I don’t want something else. I’m willing to spend said money, let me. Or I go to another manufacturer. I just don’t like being coerced, being nice there, into buying what they want me to. BS totally!

Tyler Scigliano says:

I think the portofino is way better looking than the 812 super fast

Alex K. says:

5:50 410 SA, nice catch.

Stan Chase says:

#Sam@STG I wanted to address the question of whats going to be your 1st Ferrari, now that your actually “shopping” for one. Have you thought about looking @ a 456? There relatively inexpensive as Ferrari(s) go. My guess is that one is not at the top of your list or on your list at all. I encourage you to drive one and put the content on your channel. Its always fun to see somebody that has never given the 456 a thought to drive one and watch as they fall in love with it. V12, gated shifter with a big shiny aluminum ball on top, leather as far as the eye can see! Its a “Modern Classic Ferrari” Old school with just the right amount of modern sprinkled in. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself! Be sure to drive one or two before making your decision…. Best of luck from Fort Wayne, Indiana USA

Maciek Pacyna says:

Sam, how could you sit in a such a fancy italian restaurant with cup on your head!?

Toronto Cars says:

I’m not so much a Ferrari guy but Sam ur vids changed my mind

Mustang Parker says:

Ferrari are idiots not to invite you!

Aiman Rahman says:

Get the Portofino as your new car!

Wayne Atkinson says:

Sam, where was your gf while you were lording it up in the Savoy Hotel…oops..Hotel Savoy?

-Stun Agario says:

It really doesn’t feel like a Ferrari… The rear is perfect, but the front is just… Feels a bit rushed

Cocktail Box says:

Looks good, did you see Damian’s TDF sam?

Henz Powell says:

Shit man… I hate working my days off.. shooting Ferraris…

Lee Davies says:

Love your vids Sam. Well edited and good content.
But at the risk of a backlash from other subscribers I was shocked to hear you swear as I always watch with my 4 year old.
Keep up the good work

Tjeerd says:

I had a school trip to Florence last March, it’s so awesome recognising so much of what you showed! Great video as always, keep up the excellent work Sam!

platypus7653 says:

anyone else more interested in the cars to the left and right of the portofino, the classic ferrari race car and the other one?

Inferno says:

the duomo reminds me of assassins creed

GetUpFalcon says:

I don’t care, it’s raining. Fuck off mate.

Hanno Sie says:

you sound slightly dodgy at 9:20…

oramag oramag says:

I hope that next Ferrari not be …..”Parmigiano” lol :-))
Ferrari is FERRARI!

Heine Pedersen says:

Best looking Ferrari in the current line up.

Bely Bob says:

Portofino looks much better! Like the 812 style elements in the rear and front

Wills Brewery says:

It”s so wierd watching you drive the roads I now recognise from my holiday in Tuscany in August 🙂 Exact same stretch we went to Modena on to the Ferrari Museum. Watch out for those ZTL’s 🙂

Max Ignone says:


AB xx says:

Really starting to hate car vlogs shme and seb , sol and Archie

i only watch if i look for a type of a car and if film friends doing other things than cars the rest i don’t watch.

To much of all the same talking about other things than them selfs

Sometimes its fun when u have adventure if Archie oke add little bit of cars with friends is fun blabla and things unexpected happening

Im gonna look if sol still has the same vids pff still the same.

i enjoy watching friends of Karimchii, HSNvlog, specially omran great& funny guy when he gets angry at arsenal, life videos.

And i found a new one Vlog Molives

Looking forward to watch more if they have other vids

i thought sol was talking about that instead of cars.maybe for now i can watch some vids but not everyday. 80%of life 20%cars would be great.


hexagon523 says:

I always laugh at all the idiotic “car experts” on Ferrari videos complaining about the car’s looks LOL. “This is ugly, that is ugly…” fuckin classless opinionated morons. Can’t even afford to buy an old Datsun but complaining about Ferraris. Pathetic fools.

Ian Goodwin says:

Tuto fagotti

P man says:

This color doesn’t do it justice! In the delicious Ferrari red it is stunning! If this is what Ferrari call “entry level” what a bargain!

Ki Mu says:

Dude what the fuck!? Where’s the car at!?

Billeh says:

Crap I thought for a second this was an old video of you in the Mclaren with the matte black hood and red car from your POV

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