Is Ferrari in Trouble?! Fastest Lap Gets A Point! – 2019 Australian GP Predictions & Preview

Discussing if Ferrari are in trouble with their sponsors? And if the point for Fastest Lap is good or not on the Pitlane Podcast #109
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Pitlane Podcast – F1 Discussion – F1 2019

●►Pitlane Podcast #109: Discussing the building F1 2019 News before the Season Begins next week. Points awarded for Fastest Lap and is Ferrari in Trouble?!


Joshuil 123 says:

i think it should be the opposite and be awarded to person with the fastest lap outside the top 10

Curran Cronin says:

Cal has been released from prison

Cameron Evans says:

I’m lost what time does the race start BST in the UK cause some sites are saying 05:10 and others are 06:10 Which is it?

Patrik Lengyel says:

Still too long videos boring guys…

Manue2812 says:

I wish this years grid will be closer, but let´s be honest…. Ferrari and Mercedes will literally piss off at the front xD

Doctor382 says:

I am excited for the new season but I cba to get up at 5:50am just to watch a race which I can’t see cause I don’t have Sky Sports. Plus my birthday is the same day so I basically can’t watch it

Jamal Thasim says:

I just dont have the belief in my head anymore that vettel will win another championship

Mihailcv says:

I think it would be better to give a point to the pole position not the fastest lap :p

Jonte Wicks says:

Sometimes people got half a point from the bonus point cos the stop watch guy would get the same time because he wasn’t very good, or the times were in the same second, but they couldn’t get more in depth then the second

Hugh says:

Vettel = Bettel

James Otto says:

“I just wanna tickle my scrotum
And cup my ballsack”

JR 91 says:

Absolutely love these, keep pushing lads! 🙂

kwl189 says:

Hamilton is talking absolute bollocks. MB are trying to suppress expectations. People don’t seem to learn that MB don’t truly unveil their pace in testing. Their programs are specifically entailed to promote long runs on harder compounds, set up changes and some soft compounds to compare. They do not seem to devote much time extending great than a day or two where they run on low fuel and on soft tyres.

Jori Bremer says:

And the biggest news is.. CALLUM IS OUT OF PRISON!!

STAG says:

I’m so hyped for this season so many different story lines can’t wait to see where it all shakes out in 9 months time

poeligimma says:

The fastest lap point would make a lot more sense when it would only count from 11th place and down. So a team outside the points can at the end with low fuel try to pick up the fastest lap and still can collect a point.

When its only count for top 10, the top teams go flat on the last lap of the race to get the point. And the rest of the field get another point behind.

Z. Bendegúz Winkler says:

I think this bonus point can make the races much more interesting! 🙂

Quiet Gamer says:

The Mission logo looks nothing like the Marlboro logo. Besides I’m pretty sure they will sell alcohol at the GP

Idioticcheeze says:

“man is international now”

Laurenz Du says:

so what if whoever sets the fastest lap is not in the top 10 by the end of the race?
is there no extra point awarded or will it go to the guy with the fastest lap inside the top 10?

Aum Oza says:

Faster strategies? All top teams going for faster based compounds

Thomas Maene says:

What if you set the fastest lap when you are outside off the top ten but you finish in the top ten?does the bonus point still counts?

TJDeacon717 says:

RE: Point for Fastest Lap

Can someone clarify something please, to earn this point, to u have to be in the top 10 at the time of setting it, or top 10 at the end of the race????
it isnt clear,
ty in advance

TSJAwesome 628 says:

Breaking news 50 points for a DNF

Guy Scafidi says:

I would prefer, a point(s) for most laps led. It would have a larger effect on strategy. Teams may stay out for a few laps more if they are in 1st, and effect overtaking, and over/undercuts.

DadsdoitRight says:

What is your fantasy league details again

Oliver Link says:

Vettal will get championship and i am excited for leclerc

Car Guy says:

Will/Can Gasly have that Senna like relation with Honda to somewhat overpower his teammate?

Jacob Hendrickse says:

Callum is finally out of prison

Ekodoreiku says:

Didn’t Merc bring theirs Autralian spec to the second test?

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