Is The Ferrari California T ACTUALLY Any Good?

So is the Ferrari California T actually any good? I take the wheel and find out thanks to Michelin USA!


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Munozl360 says:

The passenger is awkward to have with him.

Matt Knox says:

the first 420 blazing porshe

Jack Lasinski says:

Do you live in Ann Arbor because I saw my school in the back ground of the video where you teach how to drive a manual

Rocky Lion says:

The China guy wants to jump out of the car

Lan 70 says:

You know your area is poor when the most decent car in the high school homecoming parade is a Ferrari California T

Hunter Post says:

Why the face blur at 6:42?

NoHaxInvolved says:

I’m loving that shirt Parker !

Gasser Hashem says:

The California T isnt for performance its for looks and keepin it lowkey

Jason Nator says:

Im praying for you a ight now

Gasser Hashem says:

I liked the porche the most i have a gt3 rs and a ferrari f12

Anthony Flores says:

What happend to your yellow corvette that you crashed

Mothusi Raseroka says:

Well done on the composure of having an awkward review. I think you handled yourself professionally.

I know how difficult it can be when you not allowed to do as you please and play around a lot with the environment you use to. But well done with working with the punches.

SpyderRios says:

The Toyota Camry of Supercars

OverkillIsUnderRated says:

never thought i’d feel sorry for someone riding in a Porsche… but that poor dude was stuck there the whole time while parker was vlogging…

Graygen38 says:

Pretty timely video as Ferrari just announced this cars replacement…

Michael Ford says:

It’s time for Parker to get a plane!

Rifleman2423 says:

He’s extremely quiet in this video probably cause they’re is another person in the car

The mean cannabis says:

All modern supercars are overrated

Gasser Hashem says:

I have an f12

Abed Itani says:

i just realized that his name is parker and he is into cars

Jackson Barinowski says:

Yes it’s good. It’s a fast, luxurious, sporty Ferrari


Where are all these car meets?! lol i live 40 min from LA and ive never been!

keith hemnes says:

I like how you blurred out Alex Roy trolling you. Taking it in stride I see

William Haneman says:

great video did you say that the Californa T was hitting the ground???

Princess Peach says:

If I was driving these all day with a police escort – I wouldn’t be short shifting all the time – nor braking while in corners already. Let alone the steering wheel push pull at 7:19!!! I think you may have invented short shift lift off oversteer! Do you even drive bro?

FlyungPanda says:

Doug said it was good

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