LaFerrari Review – Top Gear – Series 22 – BBC

James May takes a spin in the La Ferrari but is it the most exciting and fastest road car that Ferrari has ever made? From Top Gear, Series 22 Episode 5.

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Mr Delorean carguy says:

great scott

Arjoon California says:

Ferrari = God Of Cars

GoMiGman says:

And it’s not even that low to the ground.

amantedellavita85 says:

this is the greatest car in the world!

Dino Kulalic says:

Watch it may, F40s are v8 twin turbos, I call that ferraris best hit.

Nick Css says:

top gear andate bien a la reconcha de tu hermana.

Nick Van Capelleveen says:

What a ugly car.

Ed Watters says:

theres just some quality to this car that the 918 and p1 just cant match. the noise, the looks, everything.

Mohammed El-absi says:

The I’m happy with what I want have been my done for so by myself my friend is has and I am la firari skydiving and of coarse course are have to make deal be a little better and better more then one of year more

Conor Quinn says:

anyone know the song that starts at 2:21?

brandon johnson says:

they should’ve just called this car the f70 lol.

Oscar Yeezy says:

Picking this up for my sons birthday

Sports Video Games says:

Yeah right call this super car stop using the word hyper car!


MarkomanPVP MAP says:

ic do rici

Born Boy says:

Most beautiful Ferrari ever ! It would still look beautiful for the next 50 years.

Charisma says:

There still isn’t a proper drag race between the 3…

Stephen Bachman says:

ohhh great car god in the sky. give me this car for absolutely nothing.

Arnab Chakraborty says:

Maybe one of the top 3 cars that humans will ever see.

trash post says:

“didnt intersted in electric car”, beaten by rimac concept one

Joel Arun says:

The Laferrari sure as hell doesn’t look as good as the p1

HaNNibal97smiTH says:

I live 5 km from where this review was filmed

Server Amirov says:

Ferrari everytime be better and will be…

ejat azmi says:

In my place that’s where the v12’s sleep

Arthur Thomson says:

hang character opposite wrap on popular apple everyday victim.

Vachmen ## says:

Laferarri je kus hovna ….lepsi je P1

plarglia says:

to anyone wondering, the song in the background is one of kavinsky’s.

Eva Martin says:

Hello guys Dang rose I think truly awesome$zovk cable ..

Father Time says:

It’s too early to compare old Top Gear to new Grand Tour. Let GT get some more seasons under its belt before you judge.

gigimanjo says:

Nothing like Ferrari…could be faster or brake better, or be more expensive…but nothing beats this…maybe Lambo is on the same must have it level…

Soccermom 6699 says:

Meanwhile 918 & P1 still with V8

carlo silvestri says:

Quelle strade le faccio in bicicletta per allenarmi: sono sulle colline vicino a Maranello (Modena – Italia); vedo spesso allenarsi le Ferrari, ovviamente vincono loro!

An animated Gaming channel. says:

Captain slow becomes fast

xXxMartin96xXx says:

I still want an F40 instead.

Vadim Zmuncila says:

Neg Wack

BubuSnow93 says:


MaxMAJFC says:

God’s holy trousers!

av9ronz says:

Where is it 0:5

staninjapan07 says:

I’ll have two. Can you ship them to me tomorrow?

shahril power says:

the best version of Top Gear .superbly legendary . can never be imitate….. we will be watching this for a very very long time

MudgateBronn says:

950 hp wow so impressive. but 1350 hp koenigseggs are not interesting enugh to even mention. I dont understand top gear sometimes..

TCOCharlesDexterWard says:

the slowest driver in the fastest car

Axl 991 says:

Let’s hope Grand Tour Season 2’s reviews will be as good as these, cuz the reviews were rather repetitive and Jezza, Hamster and Capt. Slow were too out of character

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