Living with Apple CarPlay & the 2015 Ferrari California T TECHNICAL REVIEW

In this deep technical review, MotoMan tests Apple CarPlay in the real world using the 2015 Ferrari California T in Los Angeles traffic. After demonstrating the basics, he uses the major apps like Messaging, Apple Maps and Podcasts in everyday use cases as well as toggles between the Apple iOS environment and Ferrari OEM UX . . .

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Rob Holic says:


Kuth70 says:

Going to call you out on the “Apple maps isn’t that good”. I have a pioneer app radio 4, and have absolutely zero issues with apple maps. It works everytime, and hasn’t made a mistake yet. Apple maps was pretty bad when it came out, it’s 100% better now.

TurgBurglar says:

Love this new tech coming out… thankfully I am a Android user, as I don’t want to brake the piggie bank for a Ferrari.   BTW —- click it or ticket it!  Seatbelt, motoman.

tomtang0514 says:

Why can’t you go from carplay back to ferrari mode by pressing the carplay physical button again? That doesn’t make sense.

Smile Hard Productions says:

Is Tinder on Apple Carplay in a Ferrari?… That would just be too easy.

Dmitriy Chaikovskiy says:

Yeah Sprint Sucks a big one

Dennis Chim says:

“Google Maps is the gold standard.” Yeeeaaaahhh! Love the honesty Motoman 😉

Csab says:

Sadly i was waiting to see when you gonna hit the car front of you why can’t this review be done while you parked? ?
Nice video otherwise!

Arne Maeschaelck says:

Wait… You’re driving a Ferarri and you own an iPhone, but… you’re on Sprint?

James Riley says:

What kind of car is he driving?

Opptest Seven says:


Brian DuBose says:

for car play I would like to see y’all tried tune in radio and a couple of great apps that would bring in radio and news plus other great maps that would enhance the view and driveability of getting around with your iPhone

Targa Florio says:

The Italians riding the tech. curve? Things are changing. What did Enzo once say about selling engines and the rest of the car is free. Nice video as always. PS. lol at the contemptuous dismissal of Maseratis. Thumbs Up MotoMan.

TechExplorer says:

Apple Car play latest update does work with Bluetooth
if implemented by the manufacturer !

Derek Decker says:

No you cannot start without me….

flex3k says:

My after market pioneer deck does everything car play does looks and performs better than that stock unit obviously you had sprint and they suck but either way im not impressed with ferrari and there car play feature they need to take a look at the big name companys in car audio and rethink what there trying to attempt it sure doesnt look like the driving experiance was hands free or focused on driving let alone pleasure able

Xi Le says:

Does Apple CarPlay has a feature Find My Car that sync with the iPhone?

anthony sena says:

I was driving around La Jolla shores the other day and saw a guy with a gray 2015 Ferrari California. I thought it was a cool coincidence that i it saw one a day after your video came out. Do you know when android auto is rolling out? +MotoManTV

Chef Butter says:

Watching you drive and explain things using your hands is unnerving. Stay safe Motoman!

Joe Manning says:

That screen looked pretty bad. I’d like a retina screen in my car. Also, pandora app.

AppleTechLikes says:

No. Mail is a distraction that leads to a crash. Apple isn’t stupid to put your life on the danger while on the roads. The reason they have messaging only is that siri does most of the texting for you and gives you quick glances unlike mail is a complete distractions to the road.
Apple maps are getting there. It will override google maps soon.

刘达伦 says:

This is a dangerous job to review while driving man

Gitonga Mwaniki says:

Is it possible with Android auto?

Terry Rodbourn says:

An car app that will show where cops are:)

M4st3rm1nd says:

i am sure they will add google maps to carplay when enough users get lost on apple maps.

Sean Shi says:

that’s so stupid compared with Tesla model S…

Gam Felix Obomanu says:

Very good review. Love the car and your attention to detail.

IceDree says:

Excellent demonstration man!

Sprint strikes again … Their reputation precede them lol.

speaking of cursing, did you see the Cortana Vs Siri Arsenio video? That was really funny.

i was under the impression that BMW passed on CarPlay integration, glad to know otherwise.

if the rumors of Nokia selling HERE Maps to Apple are true … Apple Maps would get a huge boost.

CarPlay is a pretty cool concept, you don’t need any special cable (looking at you Kia) & it starting to tempt me go back to iOS (I left after 3.1) … But I’m not sure if I want to leave the Microsoft ecosystem (I like windowsphone).

i went to Hyundai to check out the sonata with CarPlay … We are not getting the one with it.

Music & my Playlists are the only app I’d need 🙂

Quick question, does Siri need a constant internet connection for all tasks? Or can do some without it like Cortana?
you can ask Cortana to play specific Song/Artist/Album/Genre/Playlist or open an app while offline,

as always, excellent video M!

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