Merc’s “Ferrari” sidepods – Scarbs explains

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+1 on Google+: The positioning of Mercedes’ side impact structure beams makes it impossible for them to emulate the Ferrari/Red Bull lower-sidepod airflow – but James Allison has found a decent compromise. Craig Scarborough explains

Images: Motorsport Images


Elery Sylvestre says:

I hope they remain competitive

Guardian 66 says:

Did anyone else notice the “double fin,” atop the engine cover of Mercedes? I was watching onboard rear view in Hungary and they are the only team that had this “double fin,” is there a reason for this? Great and informative video as always.

Chris Fokjohn says:

Music is too loud

Abh Ghu says:


midcenturygirl says:


Martin Strümpfer says:

They ran their mirrors nearly the whole season so far with no issues. that attachment is purely aero and I’m extremely surprised the FIA did not ban it!

Ollie Hunt says:

Everyone complaining about the wing mirrors. Mercedes have added another leg, which can be argued as support. Ferrari’s stuck out of the top, no way is that supportive

Δανιήλ Μποζ says:

So which team has better aerodynamics merc or ferrari

retahrd retahrd says:

Get rid of the background music.

AnitBoxHead says:

Can you make a video showing the aero in the wet qualifying Budapest session, it’s one of the only times you can see the tyre wake and front wing vortex

halofreak1990 says:

Stop trying to make Mercedes’ mirrors look bad. They’re not attached to the halo, and therefore the restrictions placed on Ferrari’s mirrors don’t apply here.

Ruben Kepfer Gonzalez says:

En español

TheKooster31 says:

now its not wobbly anymore 😀

Todd Burgett says:

That’s a very well supported mirror.

raffriff42 says:

Those animated “glow-worms” (as I shall call them) are not as nice to look at as Scarbs’ own line drawings. They are so clear, minimalist and satisfying.

Anoop Bains says:

lovely explanation

DieselDan09 says:

Thank you for posting all these videos lately!!

Mac Burrton says:

so much better without Peter

fake indian says:


David C. says:

Overall Ferrari’s better car, if Vettel doesn’t mess up he should win this year championship.

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