Monaco Grand Prix Preview – Scuderia Ferrari 2018

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AARRextremz 2000 says:


FusionMD says:

typical kimi XD Forza Ferrari

Matheus Soares says:

I didn’t even realized he was reading hahaha

TheRyanMannShow says:

Please keep Kimi for 2019!!!!!!

Daniel Hendricks says:

you should have just let him speak his mind, not script it

Juan Vicente says:

Dont make Kimi do this things!

GTS Corsair says:

Good luck Kimi!

diazzsama says:

Pole position —> Got undercut by team mate.
Don’t bother doing the race, just chill in the yacht, Kimi.

M ell says:

Kimi cracks me up, pure legend.

TheRedHead says:

As a red bull fan I love how Kimi is

mehak Sharma says:


Codemaster TV says:

Grande Kimi

Liviu Drăgan says:

hahahahha Kimi is sooo bad at this! :)))))) that’s why I like him!

yashas shivakumar says:


Lyruba says:

=D its so funny

Pliniols ls says:

robot kimi

Player Pro says:




leandro becchero says:

Está re duro

Arjun Swaminathan says:

Best part of the weekend for me hands down

verdiguy says:

Why do Ferrari make poor Kimi do these things? He’s clearly miserable having to read this stuff from a teleprompter and looks so ill at ease. Compare this to the unscripted quizzes and other fun things that he’s done with Vettel, where he’s laughing and enjoying himself.
Must be part of his contract but still…hopefully he’ll get that elusive win this weekend.

ectoseb says: I recommend everyone to watch the video from the link. This movie shows the talent of a Kubica and how he came to a career working hard. It is an amateur movie but a great montage and background music. Regards.

Alessandro Mannini says:

Vai Raikonen vai Vettel forza annientate le frecce d argento fatele fondere al rosso fuoco FERRARI.Fettel togli quel sorrisino sega dalla faccia di quella specie di rapper della F1. Tu con mini potete fare qualsiasi cosa,credete in voi e nel potenziale del mitico team Ferrari, FORZAAAA quest anno siete voi che dovete dettare legge…

Polkadot FFS says:

Kimi – The perfect 2nd driver to make Sebastian Vettel look charismatic.

bora guzel says:

Go Kimi! You read llike a champ!!!

vaz3linefr33 says:

like in school and says the poem….hahahahha

Shaun Van de velde says:

Such talent much skill

vaibhav kashyap says:

Forza Ferrari ❤️

Andrian Begal says:

Weichai power the drive of dreams

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