MP228 – Ferrari SF90 2019 F1 Car

1st technical look at the Ferrari SF90 F1 car, which the team and millions of fans around the world hope can finally take the fight to Mercedes.

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Pranav Khurjekar says:

Hi Marc…when does the homologation/crash tests of the cars take place? Now that we are in the launch phase?

LD #22 says:

i love how tight the coca cola section is

Jason vendor says:

Marc, please be wary of whom you collab with, boosting subs from a 167K know nothing, may not be wise.

Powylamywany says:

#AskElvis Do you thing that the differences in size of front wings (especially between ferrari and merc) are just different specifications (high and low drag) and ferrari gonna use merc/red bull type of wing on high downforce tracks like the on in monaco?

hotyacht88 says:

Take your damn hat off! Blocking the view.

Jason Brohm says:

#AskElvis Can you explain exactly how the front flap adjuster works? With all of these in depth images, it’s easy to see the screw bit but I can’t quite work out what’s pushing against what, it seems like they would just spread the elements, plus the flaps all seem to be fixed where the root is connected to the endplate, meaning the element would need to flex. Thanks Marc.

pSyk says:

You should get a Tablet or PC with a Pen, so you can draw and record your screen with out having to point a camera at a TV.

Remi R says:

There are many know-nothing experts outside!!

Pedro Neves says:

These are your best videos. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Peter Scott says:

Take the cap off mate! You can show as much as you want but your cap is blocking where you are pointing, so just a waste of time!

Ray Davison says:

So the teams wanted to lower the barge boards to release sponsor space and then they immediately find a way to mask that area again.

Sam Bowen says:

Is it me, or have Ferrari gone with a matt paint finish? or is it just the light? from the front view, at around 1 min in to this video, there looks like a transition just behind the front suspension, Also the official photo of LeClerc and Vettel sat on the front wheels, it looks like a more matt finish to me, (If they have been doing this for years, someone send me a quiet pm and Ill go and sit back in the corner haha)

Random Palmtop Gaming says:

People are kinda underwhelmed by the SF90 but to me, this is the most promising machine.
Focused of fundamental strengt and making it immune to what happened last year in the second part of the season (the updates actually degrading the performance, forcing the team to revert to initial specs, and not being unable to understand why).

Clean, relatively simple and aerodynamically looking the strongest of all cars, with minimized obstruction to the rear wing, and high rake which indicates the floor is also very efficient.

Annette Huppatz says:

As soon as I saw the Ferrari front wing I thought of the Renault front wing.
I love how tight the packaging is.
The whole car is looking good to my armchair expert eye. It looks like it could challenge Mercedes. It feels like a very interesting season coming up.

knopf 44 says:

#askpriestley is it actually possible for an f1 car to drive upside down (on the ceiling) at full speed?

mikey dempsey says:

Marc, the picture Quality is terrible, & no i,ts not my screen…..

Alessio Pirolo says:

Thanks for this kind of video

daniel tromp says:

The sun is Shining in your face and because of that its not focust. We can see you spit when you talk.

Rafael Oliveira says:

this beast looks fast

EntoSanto says:

SF90 looks amazingly beautiful on the track.

John Norris says:

Have you considered switching to a maroon fez with a black tassel for these kind of videos? #AskElvis

Stephen Thomson says:

#2mintech Can you discuss the ways teams design their cars from the outlet for setup variance? Is it as simple as changing a few pieces of bodywork?

TheBigBadWolf says:

You look like Mark Ruffalo

Rist Aney says:

Great video, love all your analyses so far.

David Lopez says:

Excellent detail, again

Shagster says:


gorkink says:

Interesting to see what suspension will prevail this year: high (merc&rb) vs low (Ferrari) mount. Love it that we see some variation amongst them.

crespin Denis says:

Version présentation

Ryarama -Prince_Albert78 says:

Sorry was the lighting on your 1st pic I thought it was the Alfa wing & was very excited that Ferrari had tried something different but I guess that’s what Alfa’s for

Daniel V says:

That is once incredible analysis…. never have i ever understood an F1 car more than now. Thank you man!

Sergi Monserrat Mascaró says:

Will the front wings become a cluster of flap supports? XD

Sky man says:

Is an evolution of the design from last year enough to compete again ad the top?
I find it risky knowing that Red Bull was the best chassis and that Mercedes has a complete new design where they worked long on.
In my opinion, you don’t close the gap to Red Bull in chassis by evolving a car what already was behind. Knowing that Red Bull can have more power than last year, you can’t rely only on the motor.
But also Mercedes can have made a big step in there chassis what makes a big difference.
I find it risky step they did

Benjamin says:

#AskElvis looks like Ferrari have followed Red Bull’s use of matt paint – is there any performance gain in it or is it just a style choice?

Racing Red says:

The most beautiful car on the grid, no doubt. Love the red and black livery and that matte paint. Fantastic! Forza Ferrari!

Vinez says:

I have an idea, Marc Priestley doing the talking and technical stuff and chain bear f1 making the graphics about the topic. since you guys are hanging out that is

Bruno Ferreira says:

I still wonder if the cars are going to be able to follow each other in a race track…

Indomaret says:

So conventional, they lack of ideas, merc will destroy them again..

Eric DeLyon says:

Well done! There is no reason to dislike this video! Haters is all!

J-A Mathieu says:

Marc, you’re videos are fantastic. I love the insider knowledge (knowing it’s coming from a former mechanic). I look forward to the evolution of your channel as the production quality grows. Keep it up!

DandyDons4Life says:

#askpriestley What do you make of the seemingly large shark fin Marc? Looks larger than most/if not all teams. Ferrari must be confident on their cooling with a small air intake and tight coke bottle/engine cover.

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