New F1 Ferrari and Mercedes – Scarbs analysis

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+1 on Google+: In conversation with Peter Windsor after the first day’s testing in Barcelona, Craig Scarborough gives his first impressions of the new F1 Mercedes and Ferrari.
Images courtesy of LAT Photographic


Rory MacDuff says:

the Ferrari so beautiful oh my god

Stev Rex says:

To those of us who care about ethics and the rule of the law. Furr-are-E will always be tainted for accepting money from The Worst Bank in Europe. Santander has stolen and continues to steal Billions from people around the world. Huge scams in America, stealing peoples cars, charging phony fees. A true disgrace, and no-one in F-1 will say a thing not even Peter. All simply look past the facts of the situation.

Jesper Andersson says:

No comment on the HUGE intake on the Mercedes and no comment about the slimmer sidepods with the lowered front top of the sidepod, ok then

Mountain Meadow Mormonism says:

I’ll be so happy when the Toyota Prius Green Technology AlGore approved F1 cars are history. A nice high reving 3-4 liter, V8-10 cyl, ……I remember 55 years ago, mom cooked up this odd smelling meal, Said it was hamburger. I took one bite:: “Mom, this is beef liver”. One taste. I just knew. Had never seen it but one taste and I was done. and so it is. I just watched a video with Peter Windsor doing the interview of the starting of an H16 BRM. this is what we need. I’ll settle for half the cylinders and twice the cc. I’m compromising. Vroooom

mike roma says:

Thank you Peter Windsor for having such an awesome channel with up to date videos and analysis of formula 1. Without you, us F1 fans would not have as much access to free information on stuff such as these technical updates just like this video. You’re the man! I grew up and live not too far away from Watkins Glen and I have been an avid fan all my life!

SquidCaps says:

“… Ferrari front end grip that improved massively from 2014”.. Understatement of the year, also the reason why Alonso can’t make a car go fast but has to fight thru regular setup to get his understeering style to work.. The car just can’t be built to have it inherently but when needed, it is induced for driver for his preference.. If it’s inherent, in the case of reaching maximum envelope, recovering from unbalance, will default to inherent behavior and if that is already unbalanced, it is not going to work when the driver is at the limits, it falls away far sooner, specially if there is a need to make such car to behave like it’s balanced. Which is what happened Kimi a few times, weird brake lockups and spins that are clearly coming from the car.

No wonder Kimi complained about it so much and basically gave up 2014. Vettel is so much better team mate, he can drive a balanced car fast.. So can Alonso but he doesn’t want to 😉 Can’t say i am looking for McLaren to make huge leaps, unless Alonso has figured this detail out.. I kind of get why, a bit understeering is mentally easier to drive, oversteering needs a lot more focus and effort, thus one can reserve the super human stunts when he needs them, at places where other styles will lead to exhaustion. It also opens some corners but imho, it sacrifices a lot more. Tippy toes, always a hair away from power slide but all four boots firmly on the ground, use the rear as well as front for turning, save front tires for flat, straight braking..

Fabi_Schwarz says:

Great Video as always!
Greetings from Germany!!!

bosshunterman says:

….I get the feeling that this was rushed….

Daniel Maia says:

I wish you put more images from the car, I know F1 doesn’t allow putting the practicing videos here but you could put more pictures of the cars during the talk

shu cheung says:

OMG it is super fast to

Charles Matthews says:

F1 2016 Ferrari Chassis 10 Vs Mercedes Chassis 9 – Mercedes Engine 10 Vs Ferrari Engine 9 We have a fight!!!!

mojoblues66 says:

Fascinating. But unfortunately the sound volume is so low, I have to turn up the speakers so much that when I receive an e-mail during watching my wig is blasted off my head…would it be asking too much to boost the audio before uploading? In iMovie this is done simply by pressing ⇧⌘E or clicking the enhance button (the magic wand on the top left of the adjustments bar). Thanks.

VictoriaGooner says:

+peterwindsor Great to have the testing back and these amazing technical videos on the new cars. Only a month to go until Australian GP. Welcome back Peter and Scarbs, the true voices of F1.

eatthisvr6 says:

i just cant get remotely excited about modern f1.
does f1 tech ever filter down to road cars? do the hybrid road cars share anything at all with f1 drs/hybrid systems?

Stev Rex says:

RACE is off some 40Furr-are-E is proving to be quite pedestrian in terms of a return. So, a lack of ethics, as well a lack of return… Bully!

Javier Suárez says:

Boy, talk about that air intake in the mercedes….

Themayseffect says:

Who argued the pull-rod gave understeer? Most of the complaints was that it created abrupt turning speeds.

Shane Humphries says:

As always, great work Peter and Scarbs!

Paww says:

More scarbs videos please! preferably whilst they’re still relevant =)

Gaurav Mishra says:

Waiting for this video for some time! Thanks

SingleTurboSupra says:

These videos I’ve been waiting since the end of last season 🙂

Paul Chaosed says:

Thank you for this awesome piece of information.

dacid kapura says:

F1 cars are ugly

Haroon Ash says:

Great video

TheSlimeyLimey says:

I always enjoy listening to Scarbs. Thank you!

AndreiTupolev says:

Ferrari certainly the best looking of the current crop, that air intake on the McLaren could feed a jet engine. Pity the Ferrari seems to be the dullest sounding.

Mark Walker says:

Thank you gentlemen.
Enlightening as ever.
well worth the wait.

jcbernie says:

Thank God F1 is back

Danzr0 says:

Great analysis – much appreciated!

Guitar Noob says:

7 min is not nearly long enough. I wanna hear Scarb talk about technical design of cars for hours, bit by bit, covers the whole car design.

MS says:

I was sceptical at first when i saw the Ferrari images but it looks great in real life photos as far as the color livery is going.

LisztyLiszt says:

This is what I’ve been waiting for. Every little detail about every car please! Great stuff!!

Im a Fox says:

Alfa Romeo made the engine??!!

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