NEW Ferrari F8 Tributo First Look!

This is the new Ferrari F8 Tributo, introduced as the successor to the Ferrari 488, it generates 720hp from it’s twin turbo V8 and is subsequently the most powerful V8 series production Ferrari ever made…







Jameel Ja says:

The headlights kinda remind me of a Lamborghini Huracan.
Aston Martin stole the show.

Tim Saunders says:

Side profile almost looks a bit Lotus Evora-ish and not in a good way

Ilya Liviz says:

Wow; and its orange; epic sexy!

bozz 400 says:

The new 992 Turbo S will destroy this car in almost everything…Engineering,Sales,InterieurInfotainment,Technology etc.!

Alessandro Antognoli says:

Veramente brutta.

AndreVD says:

Dont like it. 458 for the sound, 488 for the looks.

kyy rzkk says:

that rear ass just had my eyes sore

Sa yan says:

If Ferrari continues to make designs like that, they’ll ruin the whole spirit and the art we love to see in Ferrari cars

lookanlike2 says:

it looks nicer than the 488 and even the 458 but thats about it

Joe Campbell says:

What a disappointment, but then again pretty much everything (speedtail) has been a disappointment after what Aston Martin has unveiled…….. Aston has changed the game and the rest are scratching their heads

rzorNvme says:

Reminds me of the Lamborghini huracán

tony mcevoy says:

Drifty, drifty time.

Ian Tonna says:

Ferrari are getting even more behind the likes of Mclaren and Aston with every new car the come out with!!

Christian Montessori says:

0:45 because the 488 was heavily based on the 458

duyen vo says:

How much???

Julio Emerson says:

hopefully if this new Ferrari goes to motorsport in the GTE and GT3 categories instead of the 488, it would be interesting!

Phillip Bearzatto says:

An amazing car that became a dud because they got their branding wrong.

Eric Petersen says:

The “in house design team” sucks!!!

Farhan Ali says:

Looks like an NSX from the back

卓尧杜 says:

Drag race between this and a pista would be super interesting

iknoor says:

Ferrari out of ideas Ooo

Cameron Visnaw says:

the new brake technology your were explaining is that not just torque vectoring

bogart pogi says:


Test Test says:

Everyone shitting on it, damn do you have too many Ferrari’s already? This one won’t mesh well with your collection of Ferrari’s?

다이짱카 says:

휠이 작아보이고 휠디자인이 별루

Adrian Burgariu says:

Nice clean lines, beautiful and sexy lines

The MusiCar Network says:

This car is taking a lot of heat, it’s tough to follow up with the Italia

rahul nargundkar says:

As a Ferrari fan I would say, they have lost the plot..

Stigs722 says:

Really respect the fact that you spoke your mind James.

random uploads101 says:

I like it alot ppl dont appreciate sgit send me one id take it in red or yellow

GNR 0000 says:

looks ugly id rather have the 488 if i “have” the money to spend

axel somers says:

god how can this even match the aesthetics of the 488. the pista looked like a road legal fxx-k. this looks like a portofino with more air intakes…..

Dmytro Picky says:

after 599 all ferraries are ugly as F. 812 is kind of ok. but this is hideous

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