Powertrain Testing Preview: FF Prototype v. Ferrari, Bentley, Tesla

First look at how far our powertrain testing has come. The benchmark cars: real and fully-featured. The prototype: competing head-to-head. The results: stay connected.

For updates: https://ev.ff.com/2gqJdSP


bArda26 says:

why don’t you take it to a track? bentley can push the limits of a combustion engine in a 2.5 tons suv. imagine when it pushes for evs.

Riley Romano says:

They had to get a slow Model X, couldn’t beat the P100D Model S.

梁志坚 says:

Am I supposed to be impressed? Electric cars can easily be quick in a straight line, they’re not saddled with the same constraints as ICE engines. What would be impressive, however, would be an electric car that can perform as a track star and perform for long periods of time.

Diego Almora says:

How to not get subbed…pretty much

21 Cabbage says:

I dont understand the hate against this company, i understand they’ve had financial issues and what not but i think they could really put something game changing out there

Boeing AH-64 Apache Helicopter says:

340 dislikes and all the salty comments… you’re fucked FF

テスラモーターズファン says:

In terms of vehicle production they are still way behind Tesla. But at the same time FF is probably the only company who can seriously compete with Tesla in the near future.

Ali Harvey says:

Yo guys this is a production vehicle meant to be sold to the middle class. If this shit can beat the model X with its base features then a souped up model will surely not let us down.

Rob Stephens says:

This company is really annoying

Corey Gingrich says:

“First look at how far our powertrain testing has come.” – What, sitting on the start line counts as testing?
Powertrain did not fall out the bottom – check! Car did not catch fire when exposed to sunlight – check! Testing complete!

Malcolm Crane says:

How is this garbage trending?

고동열 says:

nice show i belive you can do this!

Mrs. Puff says:

lol all I see are tesla videos in my recomended, which only makes me want one even more thanks faraday future.

vicesat says:


PCMasterRace says:

In better news, has anyone seen the 2017 Mazda CX-5? Looks awesome.

Abi Nubli says:

get the fuck out from youtube

yellofury says:

I think they are waiting for the partnership with Elio motors

Bender Rodruigez says:

Remember when Jeremy Clarkson jokingly said “In 5 years time you’ll be driving a Chinese car!” He may be correct!!!

Tesla1981 says:

They better unveil a supercharger network or else they will be DOA

Jack Shyt says:

Faraday Future will forever be on my spam list, hehehe.

stevencage89 says:

As much as i hate this teaser, i must admit, this is marketing done right.

luiabundi says:

What am I doing here

Brian Cade says:


ThinkingBetter says:

This video says really nothing much. This FF car doesn’t look very aerodynamic and that could mean some inferior efficiency, perhaps. Model S P100D is hitting 60mph in 2.4 seconds from the software update this month. Tesla Motors have already announced their “Plait Mode” coming at some point, perhaps in a different car model, but surely quicker than Ludicrous Mode. And we have come to expect that the Tesla Model S will get an acceleration tweak every so often…thus even the Model S PXXXD model at the time of launch of the FF car will likely be quicker than current model, perhaps 0-60mph in 2.2 seconds? Who knows…but great that someone is taking up the challenge to beat Tesla Motors.

choosumfat says:

fu and your stupid hype video

Madman0001 says:

Based on what I hear you guys are very close to being bankrupt. I hope you guys make it, the world can only benefit from more electrical cars.

pramod reddy says:

No one give a SHIT about this shitty teaser You FF mother fuckers.

Federico Grae says:

Tesla wins! ⚡

Abdullah Kaddoura says:

It clearly says PREVIEW in the title, what’s clickbait in that?

Hot Donkey says:

click bait… grrrr…

jujosi says:

Fuck you!

name surname says:

Are you kidding me? Most disturbing video I’ve ever seen. Subbed only to unsub.

MrChangCJ says:

wow the marketing backfire is real

100 Rental Cars says:

I really wish you the best, but this video is a little ridiculous. Actually produce a car and then start comparing yourself to the likes of Tesla, Ferrari, and Bentley.

10mintwo says:

FF F ofF

BlueSmokeGamer says:

Show the damn vehicle or close up shop.

Alex Kropotin says:

Please build a tesla model 3 competitor. Thanks!

Paradox says:

I want to see it against a P100D

fried tuna says:

Notice they are racing the Tesla model X because they know they will lose to a model S.

Frank ss says:


Vocal Lizard says:

people who say that the car is from China are so dumb .It’s being made and manufactured in the US get your facts

crashthestash says:

So they’ve made a slightly quicker car? OH BOY THE FUTURE IS HERE!

Hannes Beukes says:

Show the stupid race already

Alexander Levenko says:

At this moment there are people at Faraday Future working their butts off and a few probably discouraged by all the negative comments.

Yes this teaser may be annoying, but please understand how intricate and complex the components of a car are. Take for example, just the doors on a car. The fact that the doors on your daily driver open and close reliably is the product of thousands of human hours, dozens of revisions and changes, years of tweaking the manufacturing line and learning from failure.

We all are extremely quick to judge, just take a moment and sit in your car and look at how everything is assembled, how the electronics interact with each other in order to move you from point A to B. Isn’t it funny how just one or two things that are off will affect the perception of the car as a whole, despite it being a complicated machine?

Such is how we all see the world these days, with our ever increasing hunger for more advanced technology. Can you imagine, we were dependent on horses just a few lifetimes ago? Amazing to just slow down, and think of how far we’ve gone.

You can lay 1000 bricks perfectly and be entirely judged just for 2 bricks. The barriers to entry in the automotive industry are immensely high!

I’m very impressed that the people at Faraday Future have been able to get this far in a relatively short time, and are aiming to achieve a high level of quality in their first car.

Let’s wish them and all the other automotive startups the best, these are super exciting times to be in technology!

Just my drop in the bucket, wanted to share a more uplifting note in the comments section.

Kevin Charmillot says:

I am so hype

foreignobject says:

At this point, this wouldn’t surprise me.. “The prototype: competing head-to-head with a Tesla Model X 75D. The results: stay connected.”

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