Rare Ferrari’s & Portofino unveiling at Ferrari of Austin’s Grand Opening

I was invited to attend the official grand opening of the Ferrari of Austin dealership and they had the unveiling of the Portofino! I must say, it looks MUCH better than the California.

Ferrari of Austin: https://www.ferrariofaustin.net/

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101sabre says:

Very cool cars, Thanks Dan

997 dryvr says:

Daniel, you’ll be at 10K subs by summer. Someday, when you are big time, I’ll tell people “I remember when he used to be small enough he replied to every comment. Very personalized. Now he’s just another Parker or Rob”. Ha ha. Oh, and California is a poseur Ferararri. Like a C class Merc or BMW 328 (on a much higher level of course). People who want the badge for status, but really can’t afford the real deal, but hope to fool the general population.

micheal freeman says:

great job

Riley Hughes says:

@1:26 I don’t think I’ve ever seen Silver Shields before… Generally I prefer a more “Classic” Giallo color but I must admit those silver ones look pretty spiffy.

robert McCloskey says:

Hello Daniel

Thank you for responding to my question. Perhaps you could let me know when there’s another meet and greet.

It’s 120 mile round-trip for me to come to Austin but it would be great to meet some other ferrari Owners.

I also have a 1990 348TS black

In the meantime are you using a independent shop?

Have a good day

Kasha says:

The absolute worst concept in the world is? Let’s make a four seat Ferrari, Ahhhhhhh! please make it stop…… You want an SUV or a 2 + 2 then go ahead and get one. Please stop working over time to try and ruin the greatest automotive sports brand in the world.

KingE72 says:

While they say the Portofino is four seats, it really isn’t, my two small kids would not fit back there, agree its better looking than the Cali but still $200k, I could get two F430s for the four seats lol. COTA was fun, was there all day Saturday and have some great footage up close. Can’t wait to see you tearing up the track

KeepItCrump says:

How much did they charge you?

Lamborghini Lee says:

Great video. Working at Ferrari of Washington has been great

google sucks says:

812 superfast = my fave of all time


That Dino, man oh man

Negative Image says:

Hi Dan, looked like a good night. The 250 Lusso is star of the show for me. My favourite street ferrari of all time. The place that looks after my car have been restoring one over the last few months. Great to see the engine out and in bits. Look forward to seeing the COTA footage this weekend. The following weekend is of course the first outing of the most important Ferrari of them all so fingers crossed

CeoChris Holder says:

I need to get to one of those asap here in NYC! Great video

garcia0013 says:

Like always bringing cool stuff for us to see great job Dan

Christopher Mann says:

Wow , I have to go check out the Portofino today ! Some very nice new & old Ferrari on the floor . I will be at COTA as well , hope to see you & say hello. Take care Dan , Another great video…..

Alfa Won says:

I would have loved to gone to something like that. My cousin in SFO has a Ferrari and goes to Ferrari Dealer events – I might tag along with him next time.

Lane Barker says:

If a dealership was truly proud of their service department….why not show it off? Everything else was very impressive!

Applepie 5341 says:

can you just walk-in the dealer and say I’ll take this Ferrari (488 or F12) or is there a 2+ yr waiting list ?

Michael S says:

Great shots at the Dealer! And they had wine!!! Perfect night for you!

Yg says:

Hey Normal guy, what two door coupe would you recommend I get to get prepared for this vehicle. I am planning on buying a 430 in about 3 years when my moneys right, so I am looking for a coupe in the meanwhile. Thanks for the input.

fourtraxer says:

My favorite Ferrari “within a reasonable price” is the 430 Scuderia, I’m surprised a big event like this didn’t have one but what a great selection. The thing about Ferrari events is, you can own a $90K Ferrari and be hanging with multi-millionaires that own 10 Ferraris, and everyone is cool. Really enjoying the channel also, good job!

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