REVIEW: Ferrari 812 Superfast, the 800bhp front-engined supercar

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Jethro Bovingdon reviews Ferrari’s new 800bhp front-engined supercar, the 812 Superfast…

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Puzzoozoo says:

Don’t care for it, the rides to bouncy, and that engine noise would get on my nerves after an hour. For a cross continent trip, I’d rather drive a Bentley or Rolls Royce.

Martin Dixon says:

Looks like an updated supercar version of a Supra.

Kjm 205 says:

Jethro is the Best car reviewer at the moment, his opinion on a motor is the one you want

James Akeley says:

That spec is delicious

Simon Vuille says:

Perfs don’t matter, it’ll be driven in London or LA anyway.

bewbmike says:

Yeah but can it tow a boat? what’s the gas mileage and insurance like? the fact that they didn’t show us the trunk space says a lot

srinitaaigaura says:

If the F12 had a huge toothy grin, then the the front of the 812 looks like a toothless Tom (Tom & Jerry) whose teeth just got punched off. That’s the sore part.

K onliner says:

Too bad it’s ugly.

Mike Saveahoe says:

what a piece of shit

ewt415 says:

So if someone buys one, how close will it be to this press car

John V says:

I would love to see a contest in which Harris, Sutcliffe, Catchpole, Bovingdon, Meaden, etc, compete at Anglesey in doing hot laps.

HesteBremse says:

So many exciting and capable top cars around now, but this is currently my favorite. As always great reviews from DriveTribe – and as always the End Jingle is almost blowing my stereo and waking up the neighbors…

Dear Drivetribe your outro jingle level is simply a bit nuts like the really annoying advertisements set to maximum output. And sorry to complain, but when you hear the engine of V12 Ferrari scream out loud like in this video thus listening to it quite loud, then having a Jingle that is even louder is a bit over the top. Still Love Drivetribe


jrzez says:

Great video production as always. Love the superfast, unfortunately I haven’t been graced in life to have one, or even an entry level ferrari. I tried. 🙁

Budleigh Salterton says:

Any car with an N/A V12 is great in my book.

Alvaro Galan says:

I did not like the car until I saw this video

simon lloyd says:

that road though!!

Yan Kelecom says:

The title says ‘ superfast review ‘ yet this video is 8min20s long. I am dissappointed.

Xavier A-L says:

There’s no replacement for displacement, Ferrari could have throw two turbo on this but instead they bump it up to 6.5l and I love them for it

Torrey B says:

I quite like the look of this car…almost an homage to the 575 and 599. Back to the true, GT car look.

Andrea Porta says:

What is the road?

Mihai-Ioan Mihut says:

Is that fucking black plastic on the back bumper?

tony nguyen says:

Drive tribe deserves more popularity. Didn’t think I’d like any car journalist as much as Chris Harris until Jethro.

Ricky Nimby says:

@DRIVETRIBE – I don’t know if you’ll see this, but this video’s color isa bit too contrasty, and I you guys are looking for a colorist for your videos, I’d love to help. Do you have anywhere I can contact you guys?


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