“Our latest Formula 1 2019 feature on Scuderia Ferrari.

There’s a quiet confidence at Ferrari. The Scuderia has wiped the slate clean following a disastrous 2018 campaign marred by errors on both sides of the pit wall.

And while news in January, of team principal Maurizio Arrivabene’s departure, seemed like another setback, the reality is that the Prancing Horse has retained its gallop into 2019. Watch the video, and tell us what you think in the comments…

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Alejandro says:

Disastrous is a bit harsh for achieving 2nd place… Oh it’s Ferrari you’re talking about.

Joseph007 says:

Go Boys!!!!! Finally the time has come!!! Forza Ferrari!!!

Dave Day says:

There is no way that Ferrari did 1489 laps in the first 4 days.

Anton Villarina says:

Love to see Max and Charles battle..

Andrea Grossi says:

Binotto isn’t a Leader

Leslie George says:

Nothing has changed yet come March in Australia you can see Ferrari will be lacking in power and mecedes will make a mockery of Ferrari

cobraracer46 says:

Who in the fuck voted thumbs down on this video?

Elhadji Amadou Johnson says:

I know Lewis is laughing very hard under his helmet ⛑.

saddist1Gtown says:

This total speculation… Who out there is willing to wager Mercedes weren’t running a fully tanked-up car? I have my suspicions the Mercs were not running light on any given day while there is without a doubt Ferrari were doing some light fuel load runs…

I am willing to wager the easily excitable media and others would be given a full dose of reality come Melbourne. Mercedes wouldn’t go into the winter without an idea what they must do with a reset of the regulations and let’s face it Ferrari are the ones known to be less disciplined as a team- we see.

mtiller2006 says:

Replacing Maurizio Arrivabene I had seen before in comments, but I just didn’t know how I would take it. I wish the former team principal well in whatever he goes to next, and hope that Mattia Binetto has a great campaign to bring Ferrari back into the spotlight. I hope there are less technical errors, and I hope they give the rival Silver Arrows the run for their money that we all want to see

Vedang Sharma says:

This season will mark the rise of McLaren and the return of Real Sebastian Vettel

Formula_ Ren says:

Right Nico.. in other words Seb needs to do what you didn’t.

Xracer 599 says:

I hope Lelerc beats Vettel 🙂

PekosGamingYT GB says:

As long as seb is consistent they got the championship

RawLu says:

FREE $100 Million over all other teams just to show up. Fxxk Ferrari.

Ramirez says:

You missed the Leclerc 1.17.2 with C2

Mrs. Bobby says:

Ferrari get the same followers as ManU. Let’s hope with the same results .

crxdelsolsir says:

Laps covered by power unit at 2:03 is misleading if not useless as it does not mention how many cars are using the engine, as each engine supplier does not supply the same number of cars.

Ferrari and Mercedes supplies 3 teams but Renault and Honda only supplies to 2 teams each. Engine suppliers providing for only 2 teams would naturally have less total.

It would make more useful information to say how many laps per engine unit (laps/engine) as this normalises the number of customers.

Ferrari may have more total laps but when displayed as a ratio of laps per engine, that figure may well be inferior.

aniket sakalley says:

Lelcerc will be the guy to look out for 2019, I would love to see him smash verstappen, bottas and even vettel.

Saiye Rugara says:

Leclerc will finish 3rd in the championship and Vettel 4th.

Robert Lane says:

Ha, Ha, Joke boys, overly dramatic voiceover trying to assert some sort of unique spin upon nothing, only speculation is all…

JM DelaRosa says:

Pole position

Big_Whiskey13 says:

Fuk ya I love these vids

Warwick Bull says:

If Vettel doesn’t make any silly mistakes this year and Ferrari get their strategy right 100% every time, and if Leclerc can make few surprises, Ferrari as whole could be unstoppable this year, but I wouldn’t underestimate Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, thats for sure.

Bruce W. says:


Chanon Techakanon says:

‘….following a disastrous 2018 campaign marred by errors on both sides of the pit-wall’

Sick (subtle) burn there, Inside Line.

Conrad Qibor says:

I can’t wait to see the loser vettel throw it, away again

Sea Lion says:

God I missed nico

WakandaForeva says:

Vettel beated alonso he beated hamilton too on 2010 vettel beated webber vettel beated kimi vettel won in a toro rosso vettel became a 4 time world champion in a row vettel became the youngest champion the youngest double triple and quadriple world champion the youngest polesitter and etc, i dont get why people hate vettel they just throwed his talent on the past to trash bet once those vettel haters were his best fans but people in f1 always will follow the fastest team and car fans without dignity. Atleast i will follow vettel everytime till he stops racing.

Adrian kim Leow says:

Kimi not bad, more pole position to come

Sega Bob says:

верим, надеемся
forza ferrari

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