“Our latest Formula 1 2018 feature on Scuderia Ferrari.

Ferrari is using its competitive advantage to full effect – with its rivals still scratching their collective heads – over alleged recent gains, which could stem from its twin battery system…

The famed Italian marque has been locked in a furious development war this year with archrival Mercedes, but Germany was a turning point, with Ferrari said to be half a second faster on the straights. Watch the video, and tell us what you think in the comments…

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Lestervai Cayetano says:

1:04 lol that footage is not 2018.

Sun NY says:

Both championship nope, maybe they canwin drivers championship but contractor nope.

PhoenixGT3 says:

Mercedes should stop whining and try to figure it out!

xlP says:

It’s the fuel

Easy Life says:

You guys rock

sean mansell says:

at the moment there is still hope on the current points system however if hammilton was driving ferrari the championship would be close to over mathematically

Aarav Rakesh says:

Hello, my son and I are going for the Japanese grand prix and he was showing me a video (link in the end) where in the start children are allowed to meet the drivers for an autograph session. Is any special pass required for that or would a child pass do??????

The first one

The second one

PS. The autograph session is at the start of videos and not only these two but almost all live grand prix streamed on YouTube.

La Vie En Rose says:

I still believe in Vettel.

Jack Lemvard says:

20% from additives bwahahah yeah right

jordanimated streaming says:

Vettel arguably ruined his own season last year in the final handful of races. If he does it again a lot of people will be questioning his talent again like in 2014 when he under-performed to his teammate Dani Ric.

Loong Zheng says:

yup few tricks for ferrari so merc need to keep pushing ferrari out of track

shivachetan ulavi says:

If Vettel and Hamilton swapped their current teams I still think Hamilton would be leading by a large margin Vettel has been whimsical and impetuous and simply cannot handle the pressure of the title race

Wilco Muurling says:

Maybe Ferrari cheat with the battery. A secret button which switches the battery from parallel mode (high capacity) to in series, which for a shorter time, doubles the voltage to give more power.

Massimo Boattini says:

Ferrari factory!!!!

Julio Acceus says:

Yeah…. pretty sure teams like Force India and HAAS don’t have engineers kin lab coats testing their cars

Luka Dzidic says:

Hey hobos, there are 7 races until the end, don’t get ahead of yourselves

A F A says:

Vettel is going to screw up again. He can’t stand the pressure anymore.

aamir ansari says:

Vettel need Kimi’s like consistency to beat Lewis, I urge him not to do silly mistakes

E1itetube says:

These pics of vettel are a year old.

Sydney Austin says:

One win at a time Lewis… The math never lies..

Sajith Mohemmad says:

Vettel seems to crack too much under pressure! Too many mistakes that could be avoided had he been patient. As much as I say that I really want Vettel to win to put an end to this Merc dominated era!

W N says:

Too many errors on the Ferrari side, bad pitstops (ie. running over your mechanic!), strategy, tires, and especially Vettel as of late. So, the championships are kissed goodbye. Bottas is unofficially the sacrificial 2nd driver now till the end of the season, to get maximum points for Hamilton. Kimi is going to be racing for his own personal glory being his last drive at Ferrari, and possibly F1. Vettel has been making the same errors since 2017 season, I thought he calmed down and focused enough during the opening rounds of 2018. But by Germany, he’s back to his old careless lapses. He’s driving on his own, from now on. Kimi is not going to drive as wingman. It will be up to team Ferrari to push orders on him by pitstops. Ferrari is in a lose lose situation. Behind in the constructors and drivers championships and a 2nd driver that will be forced into retirement with no reason to cooperate. He will drive his best for himself, which helps the constructors points, but at the cost of the driver’s championship for Vettel. With the fastest car, they really should be miles ahead of Mercedes. The fact that they are not is the fault of the pit bosses and drivers. Not the engineers.
The complete opposite of McLaren.

Juan Gabriel says:

Better tech is the other term for cheating?

MrCatsEyes says:

Forza ferrari

Der Planer says:

if Vettel fix his mental problems he then will be unstoppable just like Schumi

ShengJun101 says:

Psychological advantage, tyre advantage, skill advantage, beta test advantage.

cloudman18 says:


Elias Betz says:

I’m praying that they win both championships again

Rj Rao says:

Good to see engines getting attention.. Instead of strategies and aerodynamics and… Pheww

xstnbrnx says:

Mercedes VS Ferrari:
Hamilton VS Vetter

Mat Pelor says:

“with great power, comes great underpressure ” (vettel).

the real problem is vettel it self.

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