Singapore Grand Prix Preview – Scuderia Ferrari 2018

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Ashwin Divakar says:

Kimi don’t have to do that anymore after this year

Xhovan Deda says:

You guys have to win the Singapore GP because in the race day is my birthday and I don’t want Mercedes Benz to win that race

ʀɨքքɛʀ :v says:

͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

LUCA 3GR says:

FORZA Kimi and Vettel

Sergio David Buitron says:

Suerte Kimi en tu nueva etapa :). Animo Ferrari

Annisa Dwi Puteri says:

I cheered on you at Bay Grandstand last weekend! I wish you were finished at the podium, though . Anyway, best of luck at Sochi!

Racer Gavino says:

Redemption for Kimi this weekend.

DeeP Bose says:

Ferrari winning this one. ForzaFerrari !

y w says:

Lewis on the radio: “I got a lot left in these tyres”
Ferrari radio to Vettel: “Hamilton reporting he’s not got a lot left in the tyres”
Grazi ragazzi!

Playstation 5247 says:

Who hates Hammertime meaning Lewis Hamilton will most likely win a race making F1 for British people only saying that England rules and the rest of the world sucks?! WHO WANTS REDEMPTION AGAINST ENGLAND’S ONLY DRIVER ON THE GRID FOR WINNING AT MONZA AND LAST YEAR’S BORING SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX?!!

Howard Billington says:

This is why you let Kimi talk and you don’t make him read lol. Good luck guys 🙂

the naked truth1 says:

Separate Kimi Räikkönen from Ferrari it’s just another of a big list of mistakes and stupid decisions from Ferrari’s Management, obviously, I am not immersed into the Ferrari’s indoor life and how the things are inside there but it’s obvious that neither Kimi nor Sebastian are the problem but the Ferrari team itself. It is true that Kimi and Sebastian they had made some terrible mistakes in the racetrack, but the real responsible of the failure knocking once again at the door of Ferrari falls with all it’s weight on the shoulders of Maurizio Arrivabene whos, in his role of Team Manager he has not known how to change the stigma of losers that have fallen on the Ferrari’s team. Have you realized how many times the guys in the garage they have thrown into the waste bin the big job made by the pilots in the race, failing in the tires change, making bad calculations about when to call the pilots to the boxes or in the tire’s strategy, how many last-minute mechanical failures have spoiled an almost certain victory? Come on you guys up there, the big ones on the management staff, you and only you and nobody else but you are the responsible of this disaster and Maurizio Arrivabene more directly. Get rid of Kimi and bring Charles Leclerc who is nobody in the world of F1 is one of the worst nonsense committed by the leadership of Ferrari. You’ll see, Hamilton will be champion of the F1once again, because Arrivabene he doesn’t have the skills to lead Ferrari with success. How is possible that you don’t realize that Hamilton he is not winning the championship, he is only extending his hands to receive it as a Gift from Ferrari itself

GreekGamer Obiora says:

O Ferrari you make a better strategy? (Anawser please)

the naked truth1 says:

Ok, as I said a week ago, before the Singapore race, once again a miscalculation of Ferrari’s strategy has made a new failure in a race that at first sight seemed achievable for the Ferrari team. This new failure has given Hamilton an advantage that seems outright and definitive and as I said before, I do not think Hamilton he is doing real merits to win the Championship but he is receiving it from Ferrari’s own hands. Hamilton is already the Champion of the F1 for the fifth time and that is already inevitable unless something catastrophic happens in the performance of the Mercedez Team and I don’t think it’s going to happen. In my opinion, it is over, Sebastian Vettel will not be able to become Champion, at least, not this 2018. Again the “Ferrari Tifosi” will have to savor the disappointment of defeat, not due to Sebastian or Kimi’s fault but due to Maurizio Arrivabene, management and the mechanics’ crew, engineers and technicians in full.

Michalis Michalopoulos says:


DarthTsarkon says:


Christopher Winker says:

hahaha you see him reading it off^^

Marcello Cinque says:

Grazie kimi

Dr. MisterMaker says:

U can tell this kills Kimi when he has to do this

Pablo Miranda Svaizer says:

We’ll miss you Kimi, you are a legend

Giulia Palumbo says:

i love the fact that he’s reading and he doesn’t even try to hide it ahahaha

Surya Vikaas says:

Wonder what he would do in an oral examination.

Daniel Dimov says:

He is actually reading all of this…but he doesn’t give a damn! XD

Danilo Pires says:

Ferrari quer ser campeã de F1 mande o Vettel picolé de chuchu embora e contrate o o Max Verstappen. E melhore a sua estratégia pq esse é o ponto fraco de vocês italianada nisso os ingleses e alemães dão um baile e vocês!

Alexander oficcial spm says:

my favorite driver kimi

Valentina Sava says:

Forza Seb!!! Forza Kimi!!!Thanks Kimi, you will always be one of my favorite drivers.Forza Ferrari

Rottensteam says:

Saubwoah ftw!

Martin Mcdade says:

Forza Ferrari.

Charalambos Georgiadis says:

One only year for Charles Leclerc and then Mick Schumacher

lluvioso says:

un saludo desde colombia ,,porque no retiran esa cámara del coche,opino que la fia no tiene porque obligarlos a tener esa cámara , la escudería es de ustedes así como el coche ,,entonces porque no retiran esa camara y ya ,,,,saluti dalla Colombia perché non rimuovono quella macchina dalla macchina, penso che la fia non debba costringerli ad avere quella telecamera, la squadra è tua così come l’auto, quindi perché non rimuovono quella telecamera e

keesya7 says:

Let’s just win this kimi! Be carefull of seb n max tho…

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