Sunday Live: A Closer Look At The New Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren

A week full of car launches has come to an end and now, it’s time to look a bit more closely at some of the new 2018 challengers. On this weeks Sunday Live, we took a look at the new Mercedes, McLaren and Ferrari. We also previewed the first test and opened up to your questions!

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Tomas Ashmore says:

By wing I mean mirror

Edinson1 says:

John t sounds like his cranium has some space to rent.

Btw i commented last year on saubar’s youtube channel that they have the ABSOLUTE most BORING livery ever in f1, SOOOO FKN BORING AND UNINSPIRING. This year they’ve really nailed that. Just creates a bit more excitement around the team i think, looks beautiful. Cmon its F fucking 1. Billion dollar industry, teams spend millions upon millions on cars, get a fkn nice livery.

Gideon Maina says:

Totally agree 30:0 the Alfa Sauber so far the most striking livery.

Dan Katz says:

I’m with the Jontster on the McLaren livery… It would be less offensive if the blue was black or white instead.

I reckon those “secondary intakes” must be mounts for some kind of diagonal Mercedes style bargeboard things…I can’t remember what they’re called.

mlg games says:

Vettel is the best driver on the grid.

H FENG says:

Also u guys already mentioned this in vids before but really oh really imagine if they actually put a cam inside the halo recording the drivers heads, OMG that’ll be so amazing (if they actually show the footages, of course). Imagine that during night races!!!!

The StarCrafters says:

Bitch I’m second

shinybaldy says:

Looking at the air inlets for the radiators getting smaller and smaller, I’m wondering if there are regulations re shape of the radiator? Sure seems like we would be heading towards the direction where radiators ought to be circular as in aviation to maximize cooling with even less volume/or even built into bodywork.

H FENG says:

Those mirrors could be directing air into the upper intake. I’m guessing air goes thru on top or below or even both the actual mirror but within the carbon housing

Nilay Kumar says:

Too bloody late mate

I'm says:

John T your answers are shorter than short

H FENG says:

those very long openings on mclaren’s floor r there to generate vortices to essentially “seal off” the gap between the ground and the floor, which means less interference between the two surfaces, which means more efficient production of downforce. The rear diffuser’s curved fins (especially on the two side near the rear tires) does basically the same thing. The rear tires’ wakes r really bad for the efficiency of the rear diffuser that’s why they try to block the wakes despite the drag. I’m guessing other teams don’t use on the floor because they feel it’s not worth the drag as it doesn’t improve efficiency that much compared to the rear diffuser. Anyways I don’t think they generate downforce on their own, they just help the floor to be more efficient

Kasetti 55 says:

8:52 A rear facing camera at that spot might give a nice different angle to use in a race.

TKF1 says:

I’m not sure Senna would’ve won more than Schumacher. Senna was 34 when he died, Schumacher won his last title at 35 years old.

tegworld says:

Does anyone have an informed guess as to who might be interested in putting in for a major sponsorship deal with McLaren? It’s sad seeing them so bare…

Raul Vaid says:

Three points :
Mclaren, that 2nd inlet would probably would something that works at low speeds for extra cooling to certain component directly because at high speeds that’s not going to take in any air. (They did not have those on filming day car but then)
Ferrari, That wing mirrors probably let the air through n directs it down (that trailing edge).
Merc, Those vortex generators ahead of the inlet probably demanded the inlets to be wider. Just because how quickly it shrinks.

Brett Light says:

eyyyyyy first person to comment ahahah

H FENG says:

I don’t think the merc’s intakes r that huge considering they only have one on each side. Ferrari’s got at least two. They seems bigger just cuz they r super wide. I think they do this to make the majority of the cars more streamlined (pretty sure the drastic narrow rear of the car doesn’t cause any separations) it just shows that merc still puts a bit more emphasis on straight line performance compared to some of the others

Nilay Kumar says:

I love F1 more than football lately.
*Astonishing !!!*

David Loera says:


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