The technical changes on Ferrari’s 2018 F1 car

Peter Windsor and Craig Scarborough look at the key details that stand out on Ferrari’s SF71H 2018 Formula 1 contender. For more:


Haykal 1385 says:

You are talking about Ferrari next to the mercedes factory

You got guts sir

luca scaroni says:

Bella sulle fiancate…. Ma da progettista declassato come sono io per dare lavoro ai figli di papà avrei fatto il musetto tipo Red bull più estremo

emerckx53 says:

Ugly as hell. Looks like a Lego car..

Andry Indaya says:

oh halo

Playstation 5247 says:


kermo says:

shit audio

Phoenix RR says:

That’s a one smooth scarlet red

harshlens says:

I wish the front wing was all black, I would even go as wishing the front wing all black and the spoiler all black.

I'm the best. says:

Feels like vettels year.

Ben Tong says:

dude, the new red is absolutely beautiful

Carel van der Walt says:

Can FOM please admit that Health and Safety Trolls are ruining the F1. As a matter of fact, please consult Moto GP and create spherical roll cages for superbikes with inflatable bubbles, so that no one chip a nail or lose an eyebrow – see how the bikers will tell you to F-off. F1 now became the sport of whimsical Prima Donna metro kids. Get a life, accept the risk and deal with it – racing is dangerous. F1 is now ruined. Senna would have laughed at this absurdity. Moto GP and WRC are the only gladiatorial motorsports now worth watching.

Slay Jay says:

This guy has the quietest voice on the planet

David Martinez Baeza says:

Fucking halo It’s horrible

LoonyTitan 113 says:


Link Zero says:

Fuck Mercedes fuck petronas. Long live Ferrari

Goldenbeard Official says:

Just a guy’s opinion from Schumacher era: ewwww.. that is the ugliest F1 in history i have seen.not talking about manufacturers..i am talking about regulations and shit they fucked it up very well since 2003

Starline Studios says:

Every year f1 gets worse

Web crawler says:

why is the video so quiet?

Bioprop Sdn.Bhd. says:

The audio has problems I couldn’t understand what he is saying

Daniel INA says:

Peter looked scared sh*t X)))

Paolo Capone says:

Haven’t watched f1 since the engines became vacuums, now even the cars look bad.

Ergi Nushi says:

Is Ferrari’s wheelbase longer this year? Like Mercedes last year?

Denkooo100 says:


tarksable says:

Halo looks ok on Ferrari. I like how they made the underside black – must be less obvious to a driver in black.

rahul raj says:

That halo looks beautiful.

Crotone79 says:

HALO = UGLY AF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NICE JOB FIA!!!!

Checo Pérez カムイ小林 Sauber C31 says:

I would love to see Scarbs publish a book

Andry Indaya says:

i wish ferrari back in LeMans

Jason Moore says:

Bring back the V12’s
These new cars are go carts

Леонид Декабрёв says:

Less talks more car please!

pietro scelfo says:

Exquisitely engineered and obscenely ugly.

boer harms says:

Halo… yuck…

Mark Mark says:

I found it annoying and not accidental that there was a Benz symbol in my face when talkng about Ferrari.

Alvin Chan says:

Eewwww haaallloooo

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