Unboxing the McLaren 720S – McLaren’s key Ferrari 488 GTB rival | Geneva motor show 2017 | Autocar

We talk to the man behind the new McLaren 720S, McLaren’s new ‘super series’ sports car.

With 710bhp (720hp) the new 720S brings untold amounts of power to the class, where it’ll rival the Ferrari 488 GTB and the Lamborghini Huracan.

To go with the power comes an entirely new look featuring stacks of aerodynamic cleverness, a new carbon-fibre passenger cell and a heavily changed twin-turbocharged V8, of 4.0-litres instead of the 3.8-litre car.

We talk to McLaren’s Vehicle Line Director to bring you all you need to know about the 720 S’s tech and interior, before we bring you a drive of the car in the coming months.

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Kray Brothers says:

Ferrari 488’s Rival? The 720S can shred that it in pieces on the track! 🙂

Tom Finnerty says:

TJ Calvin podcast – TJ hunts all new YouTube channel! Let’s kick it off!

Dontcallmeshirley says:

Reminds me of the Pagani Huayra…

yardelli says:

Nose like a Panther Solo

Amin Haq says:

side and back is nice the nose looks like a amphibious car

Elbowz says:

is it really a mclaren w out ron dennis?

Tae kidis Dickson says:

LoL, salty plebs hate on the car because it’s faster than their favourite Ferrari.

MrRamto13 says:

4 me the first pretty car from McL

Novem Ber says:

I think it looks hideous.

mr8I7 says:

Tough one. Looks weird but it might be a grower.

jay jay says:

i didnt like it when i first saw it because of the front end but the more i look at this car the more i love it , its so unusual

Firebrand says:

I thought I didn’t like this when the pictures were first released. Since then, I’ve realised the 720S is just loaded with beautiful details. It looks like they’ve quadrupled the quality (which wasn’t bad to begin with) and stepped up all areas of technicality and performance. I LOVE the rear haunch, so simple and clean, the whole thing looks like a shark. I’ve even grown to like the new headlights, even though they were what put me off in the first place!

Ruozhuo Li says:

How can McLaren come up with a new model almost each year while the competitors can not?

RBtoobsalot says:

Damn this car is ugly!

soumyadeep biswas says:

it’s gorgeous but not Ferrari gorgeous something that I prefer

mickie wong says:

This car is amazing.

MoonStar Productions says:

headlight area needs more tweeking to look better, looks like some bug atm.

Garrett Cardoso says:

This looks like a Grand Theft Auto car.

TheJoeMB says:

I’m really not sure at all about the styling. It looks like a constipated reptile.

Winter is Coming says:

Not a fan of the front end, 650s looks much cleaner.

netmatrix75 says:

I think the majority that said it is ugly must mean those black gaping holes between the running lights. I do agree that those black void really made the car look bad. The rest of the car after those black holes is really very nice. Wish that they could offer same color as body for those black holes. Or maybe try to minimize the size of those black hole.

김정수 says:

Its sure looks like it can generate more downforce and accelerate faster than their F1 car..they should rather give this to Alonso on the start grid

Djpaul 1210 says:

The guy from mclaren looks like a pub landlord. Being Welsh doesn’t really enhance credibility either.


The front is so APALLING, though its interior is stunning and so is the rear; for a mid range super car(sports car) its at-most incredible!

David Chen says:

Lmao “key Ferrari 488GTB” I’m sorry, even the 650 or even the 675LT was better than the 488GTB.

mazin2892 says:

the headlights ruin the looks. other than that, this car is amazing

reon barrett says:

looks much the same especially at the back

stevewashere100 says:

Love the doors, the head lights are starting to grow on me, cant wait to see the test drives shortly.

Amanda Hugankiss says:

Hmmmm the overall shape looks very Pagani Zonda ish

Andreas Breslawski says:

In black this thing would look viscous. It would also hide the huge eye sockets.

xevious2501 says:

this vid really visually does the car justice. static photos sorta hurt its look. This design in many ways rival the P1, makes the old mp12-4c look ancient.

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