Where’s Ferrari’s pace gone?

With Ferrari gradually falling behind Mercedes’ pace, Ben Anderson and Stuart Codling analyse the aerodynamic changes made to try and close the gap in Russia, and ask whether the updates will be more effective in Japan this weekend.

Our 3D animation gives an front-to-back overview of the areas Ferrari is rolling the dice on to save Sebastian Vettel’s championship fight.


Arnold Wilson says:

Alonso could not really get it done with Ferrari… I think Vettel does what he can with what he’s given. vettel was an incredible starter in his red bull days, sometimes pulling out 1s on lap one, often times over his teammate Webber. This year he’s gotten ahead on lap 1 and used dirty air to destroy Hamilton’s chances. Thing is, Vettel doesn’t seem to do well under pressure like he did when he had absolute pace. I think if he pretended that he was in his red bull and at the front, he’d drive properly. Another problem is his Hamilton’s car is now at a point where he can get close and pass. Another issue is these wider cars seem to actually HELP overtakes as I think the slipstream on the straights seems to be stronger with them than the narrower older V8 era cars.

Jeffery Antioquia says:

lol yea I don’t think the car is the problem….

m1northreat says:

there was talk that the FIA has been analyzing the ferrari to better understand the battery system. seems that ever since the FIA started doing so, the ferrari has dropped in pace. strange…………

TOP BEER says:

Better can’t win unless his car has a secret advantage… look at the traction control at red bull….. let’s face it, Riciardo left him for dead at red bull so he jumped to Ferrari…. now verstapen is doing it to Richiardo…. Vettel is not a great driver… he’s bloody good, but not great… Hamilton is a Great driver….hence less mistakes under pressure.

TheJokerit19 says:

Nowhere. Just incompetence in other areas/aspects such as strategy/tactics.

David Thompson says:

what did we learn nothing ,just talk talk talk ,listening to ppl that cant pronounce the R..

Allen Saunders says:

Whenever any on tv doesn’t worship ferrari then the Ferrari fans say oh anti ferrari just trying to give facts here on this channel

GeneralMartok00 says:

Why to even waste our time mentioning the conspiracy theories?

Quixpeed says:

Considering Arrivabene comments on espionage on his team specs, i am guessing a conspiracy done under the table by FIA and Mercedes, everybody noticed that Red Bull also suddenly picked up pace and started to figure out performance improvements at the second half of the season, now we can say RB is getting better as Newey is a true genius. But why so suddenly MGP started to get better after RB got better, i think some dirty under the table card cheating is running in the FIA, as they probably passed some design specs of the RB car to MGP team so that they get the upper hand and let lewis win again. And as always say, having the whole F1 body governed by brits is a total farce.

DRS_ au says:

I think Ferrari have a bad case of the runs and cramps virus called FIA or something. Must be shitting them.

Doginu says:

Why does Autosport even post this when it’s obvious these two have no idea. Do your job, you should know more than your comments section. It changed with the 3rd evolution PU, FIA has been chasing Ferrari’s application of power that has been collected from the MGU-H. They had to change how the energy collected from the Turbo was being used. Ferrari had additional boost applied mid range when others MGU-K was running out. Apparently the FIA found it with the additional sensors

Nathan Grassick says:

I agree, they’re trying to preadapt to the rule changes for next year…

Philip Holdcroft says:

Ferrari is as fast as Mercedes , they just need a driver like the undisputed number one driver of this modern era “Lewis The Hammer Hamilton” and not someone who keeps crashing and trying to run cars off the track like he’s playing Forza.

Mr Bob says:

Cheats are gone

Muddassir Habib says:

Its called Grazie mode and its illegal now. Not super party mode.

WDLC1911 says:

Funny how everyone is so quick to dismiss cheating.

Ferrari admitted it had two batteries and it’s quite possible that they could use current from BOTH batteries on demand.

FIA looked into it over a few months and we get another transducer added to monitor current flow “and just like that the pace went away.”

Marsorry Ickua says:

I agree with Mercedes just doing a much better development job than Ferrari. Ferrari was clearly ahead at the start of the season till about 2 races ago. Mercedes worked hard and made a faster car in response and Ferrari hasn’t matched that. That, and the fact that the Mercedes Driver’s are making fewer mistakes in general.

carol anne carr says:

ferrari need bum boy bottas to help them win

radicaljohn says:

Come on, they’ve took the second battery off because fia threatened them. Vettel was reaching 355k at monza, Mercs 325k

wentakura says:

I don’t really think mercedes has sorted out the acceleration that could give them 1.0 sec advantage. Check from 02:24. The Ferrari SF71H accelaration is just brutal after Eau Rouge.
My theory is that FIA has forced them to step down in electric engine power. Ferrari themselves say they have a unique innovation to harvest energy from the MGU-K and MGU-H. If Ferrari found a loophole it should be legal just like Mercedes when they constructed their engine with split turbo.

Danny Lawther says:

I’m no expert !! But no wonder their slower in a straight line than before (03:48) The new wing is like a barn door !! The mainplane looks like it stick’s out at least 3/4″ more (in front of DRS activator) than it did before ?? In a championship battle where engine power & Top speed (Efficiency) are the main focus of 90% of development & Clearly the way forward ?? What do Ferrari go & Do ?? Put on a rear wing that’s more draggy than a barn door ?? :-s

runlarryrun77 says:

Ferrari still have pace, the problem is Vettel keeps doing dick maneuvers & they won’t let Kimi manage his own strategy.

Jesse James says:


chitthirai selvan says:

so their upgrades costing them their pace ? or wat else ?

Alexander Ludvig says:

These ‘Red – Ice – Cream – Sellers’ never had nothing, except CHEATING the competition! #LHWDC2018

Emperador says:

Ferrari’s pace is in the bin, next to its illegal battery

Damian Poole says:

I’ve come to the conclusion these guys don’t know more than the usual fan.

For a more in depth analysis check this out.


Gavin Isaacs says:

Lewis is just a gifted driver , no need for an in-depth analysis . Need to come to terms with it and give credit and praise where it’s due !

k force says:

You decide to release this video, then proceed not to address your own question in the title and either ignore or off-hand classify fascinating observable and factual information that matches the pace timeline mistry as conspirisy theories. Disappointed

Ken Wilcox says:

Thought everybody knew that they have had monitors fitted on the electronics by the f1a so can’t cheat against the rules anymore. That’s the only obvious answer never mind the bullshit. How come they lost power immediately after the sensors were fitted.

FullOilBarrel says:

Its merc speed. And ferrari was never the fastest. F1 is too quick too make conclusions

Lamont Cranston says:

I’m not certain that it’s Germaine to attribute this difference to downforce issues because it seems from watching video of the Russian race that the Mercedes was out accelerating the Ferrari.

Johnny TYRRELL says:

You don’t see any smoke at start up anymore FIA has kneecapped them because they want to help merc wit the rules

y0lefted says:

I think it’s just that certain tracks suit different cars. Singapore is a Ferrari track but Hamilton had the weekend of his life. Mercs were always going to be quicker around Sochi and Suzuka. They’ll probably be quicker around usa and Abu Dhabi as well. I think Ferrari will be competitive again around Brazil but they’ve ran out of the tracks that they favour.

David C. says:

What worries me is that Ferrari is probably not willing to overspend just to catch Mercedes in the engine department, probably is too expensive to do so they are just happy being “competitive”. More Mercedes dominance I see on the horizon.

That Trini says:

NOTHING is wrong with Ferrari. They still have a great car. Lewis Hamilton is simply a superior driver.
If you put Max in that same Ferrari you will see that NOTHING is wrong with the car. Vettel is making stupid errors and cannot handle the pressure. Stop making excuses. Deal with it.

Robin Harrison says:

Ferrari has cheated with its double batteries. Caught by the patrol

Nathan Grassick says:

Since the whole front end dynamic will likely completely change the established driving style…

izidor says:

One of the main reason ist that Hamilton is consistant. He has nerves of steel under pressure. If people believe Hamilton shit than what is Bottas in the same car? No doubt that Hamilton, Vettel and Alonso are by far the best drivers. They outperform their teammates most of the time. So its not always “the car” at some point its “the driver”

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