Alienware Invasion Tour Hummer Montage

Logan and Maks give you the grand tour in this epic montage of Alienware’s customized hummer. These guys went all out in setting up this mobile gaming tent. Tons of monitors, PCs, Laptops, servers, and generators all under a giant Alienware tent. Truly epic.


Michael Summers says:

It will be nice if you posted the make and model number of thbe laptop in the video so we can check out the product

Asraf Brand says:

hahaha sli tanks

Michael Summers says:

It will be nice if you posted the make and model number of thbe laptop in the video so we can check out the product at TigerDirect

kano9091 says:

Dude this hummer is here right now. Wasn’t expecting to watch this video and walk outside my dorm and see it on the Ohio State campus. I was blown away!

AlphaAlpaca says:

the front seat has the best driving simulation game imo.

greenstreetrocketman says:

@doomtomb3 You really don’t know Logan do you?

PCDoctorPH says:

must have

BenXL says:

absolutly no point in gaming laptops

Son Goku says:

so the laptop runs 4ghz
but the desktop only 3.7ghz …

nobodypersonsomeone says:

I freakin’ hate laptops so much. Desktops are manly.

Blackcandlez says:


indyfan2 says:

@masskilla469 West Coast Customs? man I remember them from formerly from the Pimp my Ride show. That’s nice Alienware having WCC pimp that Hummer.

Julius Gilbert says:

I WANT THIS CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt says:

did tha guy say 16 gigs of ram!

NibbanaSeeker says:

You can tell both of them trying really hard conjure up all the bullshits to promote Alienware.

rawrnomify says:

Your legs will be on fire.

rob1nthek1ng says:

@BenExell if someone travel alot and love games there maybe is a point? 🙂

DaBossk says:

hummers are for micro penis folk

thomasfrye3 says:

West coast custums made the Hummer. They showed it on their TV show…

Jan Dzialak says:

ye it’s all about the alienware headphones… xD

onesound69 says:

glossy screens + outdoors = fail

DaBossk says:

@camargo2012 lol? wat r u like the president of hummer?

quigon87yt says:

How are they dealing with crowd control?
OH Wait. There is no crowd to control. LOL

KillSwitch says:

Even the hummer is overpriced. Come on, they had to follow their other product line.

firebirdjimbo says:

i bet 8 people total showed up.

ComputerTechTV says:

SLI gas tanks!

Flash Light says:

Is this person really serious about his work or just jerking off every time..either he is laughing or making fun…and has a bad voice too…

Robin Ouellet says:

yea great stuff… apart theres nobody there

SoakingFormula1 says:

ahh westcoast customs made this one 

masskilla469 says:


Devilfish101 says:

wow, i didn’t think it possible, they have havent just smeared their BS everywhere about being the best gaming computers, they have also ruined a Hummer…. i never even knew that was possible, that is, until that beautiful machine was touched by an Alienware product.

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