American 4×4 Trucks in Oz – Hummer vs Jeep – Nitto Challenge

In this 4×4 video we have two iconic American trucks battle it out at Wheeny Creek aka Gees Arms South Trail. These two beasts of the 4×4 world go head to head choosing the most difficult lines and in some cases opening up new lines.

Both the Hummer H1 and Jeep Wrangler JK are both running Nitto tyres. The Hummer is sporting 40 inch Nitto Trail Grappler tires while the Jeep Wrangler is running 37 inch Nitto Mud Grapplers tyres.

The Hummer H1 is pretty much a standard 1996 model with some Alpha bits and pieces. the 40 inch tyres fit with no lift. Its still running the standard Torsen Diffs. It has a custom made front swing down bar with a Warn high mount winch.

The Jeep Wrangler JK 2 door is sitting on a 3 inch lift and is twin locked with ARB air lockers. The front has a Dana 44 diff and the rear is a Dana 60 high clearance unit.

Both trucks performed exceptionally well. We had a blast of a day and hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the trip. Be sure to subscribe for more 4×4 videos and feel free to comment and share. Dont forget to give us a thumbs up if you liked the video.


coyote den says:

For my money ill take the jeep

Walter Meoño says:

This video is incredible, great, stunning. How that pair of vehicles can tackle those rocks? American power in a land where Toyofans hate US and everything from the US, like Jeeps and Hummers… hahaha. Cheers from Costa Rica.

TrailMix says:

Very good vid. Shows the capability of both rigs not just a video bashing one or the other. Looks like a very fun place. The first shot where the jeep was coming down the off camber rocks i thought he was going over.

Michael McKnight says:

Love a humvee

RC Play Ground says:

Awesome video. I really enjoyed watching

Wi Gs says:

Impressive vehicles and drivers! Looks like a fun spot to go wheelin’. The Jeep is setup perfectly

clambusta1 says:

I love how much articulation the hummer gets.

Humman Off-Road Adventures says:

Both are awesome off-road vehicles! But let me guess… Hummer had stock suspension and no lift – while Jeep had at least 4 inch lift, upgraded dana and bunch of other aftermarket suspension upgrades…

Jim Layey says:

problem with hummer is its to big

OOH YEH Geocaching says:

I own 3 jeeps and a humvee …. they serve my purpose well !!!!!!

LowRangeNick says:

That hummer is sick!

Satria Yoga says:

Gods that hummer thought

I wan’t you compare it with Lamborghini lm oo2

Jeep Life says:

Dude I have no idea what a tyres is. But I do no what a tire is. Wow simple English guys.

Juan Gonzalez says:

6:40 “how do you stall a auto” -my wife and I asked the same question when it happened to her in our 06 LJ! It happened on climb as well…

Nicholas Klapsogiannis says:

Great work mate! That hummer is a beast so stable on its 40’s

thebozman1000 says:

Are they portable axles on the Hummer

Brent Craddock says:

Awesome driving .
Great vid Evo.
Cant believe your allowed to drive around in Australia with a semi-automatic assault rifle strapped to the side of your Jeep.

Brady Stanga says:

Please keep making videos

Robert Markillie says:

love the jeep engine clatter

Nick Mazzucca says:

Does anyone else hear that tapping noise from the jeep engine you can hear it throughout the jeep sections in the video ? I had the same thing with my jeep, you can hear it if you focus less on his exhaust.

David Finn says:

Not bad for the Hummer driver not using brake throttle modulation. And anytime a Jeep is comparable to an H1, you know it’s the real deal.

Good job fellas!!!

Jay P says:

Haha that one guy busting a nut in the background again…. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol 😉

Shawn Sparkman says:

what state is this park located in?

Chris York says:


Flyanb says:

Both trucks are incredible, is it me or does the Jeep have some noisy lifters? Funny that both were creations of the US military even if they are improvements on the originals.

Josh m. says:

That jeeps motor does not sound happy when it’s idling lol

Nick Simpson says:

Awesome video, hummers are cool but I would never buy one. Jeep was fantastic

stuart booth says:

That’s a big rig to punch around the bush. Well done. I’m sure if they tried, the manufacturer could have made the wheelbase a bit longer?

Chris Jewell says:

It looked like the jeep was taking harder points to try and stop the hummer and the hummer found easier ways…. if ur doing a side by side challenge it needs to be exact same paths

Steve Finch says:

Loads of fun! great driving skills!

Fred Kight says:

Jeep better be careful

Гагарин На марсе says:

Cool!, maybe drive on mud?,

stuart booth says:

That’s a big rig to punch around the bush. Well done. I’m sure if they tried, the manufacturer could have made the wheelbase a bit longer?

netslave says:

i want to smoke cigars and rock crawl… badass image bro.. awesome

Craig says:

Now THAT is offroading

540isilver says:

again great video that hummer craws up anything! and the jeep driver had some balls on him!

Anthony East says:

So should I be more impressed with the Jeep or the hummer?

Hector Zarate says:

What exhaust is on the jeep? Sounds good

Nate than says:

awesome video. i like how you showed the 2dr jeep instead of the 4dr


I run same 37in mud grapplers on my land cruiser r and she climbs wades and plows thru everything. great vid

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