Before & After New Tires: Hummer H2 Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Comparison

( ) Before and After New Tires: Hummer H2 Gold Mine Hill Off-Road Comparison.

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Paul Fletcher says:

I am pretty sure that Motor Trend is still on YouTube, plus I just saw and add on Facebook for Dirt Every Day

JcCameron93 says:

Wish they had of made it a fair comparison and tried both sets on the same day…

William Aguillon says:

Personally, I would never own an H2. All the negative stereotypes ring true. I also think the H2 doesn’t make a good overland vehicle. It’s too big, too heavy, and too thirsty for any serious,lengthy off road adventures. However, I also believe it could be a pretty good light off road vehicle for the occasional day or weekend trip. Let’s see how far you guys can go with it, enjoy it for awhile and then just sell it to help finance your next project vehicle. While in the subject of project vehicles. Please, please, please do one or maybe two projects at a time and complete them. I think your viewers and readers would appreciate seeing a completed project for a change.
I really enjoy your videos and your website. I just became a Patreon supporter. Keep up the good work!

Paul Fletcher says:

You might want to check out videos on Telegraph Road (I think that is the name) in Australia – amazing what there rigs go through

ABOlsen69X says:

If that was either a Toyota J150 Prado, a Range Rover or a JK, they would do that test on any all terrain tire, not even needing a BFG Mud. The H2 is shit.

MyassesDragon says:

Not a good comparison because the conditions were so different.

speterbilt says:

Should have tested both sets on the same day

Yo Sam says:

more and more I enjoy your videos less, begging for money just ain’t cool.

Scott McEwen says:

So you’re comparing an all-terrain tire to a mud-terrain tire…in the snow/mud!? What did you think would happen? Secondly you neglect to use lockers for the all-terrain test but use them for the mud-terrain test. C’mon, how stupid do you think we are. You begin the video by asking for donations and then attempt to deceive us. I like your channel but in any relationship trust is a huge factor, guys. You’re kinda blowing it.

jabroni6199 says:

That was more of a Snow vs shallow mud comparison than a tire comparison.

Scooby Doo says:


Ralph 58 says:

I love hummers

BGCE says:

Motor Trend just posted 2 days ago…?

Bill Barnews says:

The foreign guy!


RUSH! Great taste ,in music!

Oli Lambert says:

Where is the Aztek ?

richard miller says:

That was an apples to wrenches comparison if I’ve ever seen one. The second run wasn’t in snow. Wtf, guys?

Save Triceratops says:

Should get a 2008 or newer H3 with off-road package to review. These are really great off-roaders ! I think later years had 4.56 gear versus 4.10. Front/rear lockers and 4:1 low range transfer case and of course Alpha had V8 5.3L. 300hp/320torque. Only down side to H3 are window design, more form over function for visibility.

Andy says:

Should have tried to cleaning the mass airflow sensor before replacing. A lot of times on those you can spray them down with mass air flow sensor cleaner. Worked on my 5.3 Vortec, check engine light cleared, and was a lot cheaper than a new sensor. Its been fine for a couple years now.

Silenced 505 says:

I love your channel, hope your channel has a long lasting career!

Rc Tycoons says:

I thought they were going to swap tires and go back up same day, not really a comparison

Hunter Hopper says:

Love to see the HUMMER brand still getting some love. Keep the H2 content coming!!

Black Shark says:

Love the channel. Always raw. No sugar coat.

Derek Shrewsbury says:

I hope you guys can keep it up you are by far my favorite Channel of any kind.

Dalton Michaels says:

you guys should get a truck parts co sponsor and post links to their websites. i buy parts here and there for my trucks all the time, maintenance/upgrades. try to get a sponsor that when you purchase parts using a link you have provided you get a percentage of the purchase. most of us buy parts on a monthly to bi monthly bases. I have seen this work for other youtube channels.

marco74 austin says:

Get a job & stop whining! !

Cliff Warren says:

The MAF isn’t the only thing your K&N will kill. Please get rid of it! Driving this thing in dusty conditions,….

Florent says:

The tekonsha kit ables an automatic brake control? So good. Didn’t know it could be added so easily to a vehicle.

The Fast Lane Truck says:

Thanks for watching! BTW: You can support TFLtruck here:

Jeremy W Bettis says:

Love your videos but I got 1 huge problem with them. I live in the PNW (Pacific Northwest) we have deep rutted logging roads and deep. Ok off my soap box.

Phlebiac Brothers says:

T. F. L. The fuc#% last truck show now really but lets be dramatic. Keep it moving along guys love your channel

Don Donelson says:

most airflow sensors can be sprayed with brake cleaner to clean the oil off FYI

Mark Evan says:

The mirrors on the Hummer should be powerfolding!!! Don’t pull them in you’ll strip the gears, just go to the mirror control, make sure the mirror selector is in the middle, press down on the square in the middle to adjust the mirror, and push to the right, and to unfold them press the middle down again and push to the left. If you can’t fold them in with that, than the button is on the dash near the headlight control.

Coyote The Gamer says:

You drove the Hummer without a air flow sensor

41magfan says:

I thought i was watching a B4 and after tire video, click bait. Hard to subscribe first time.

Timothy Erick says:

Manos: The Hands of Fate! I’ve never seen that, but I’ve heard it’s one of the most endearingly bad movies of all time.

sean rakers says:

White lettering out? come on.

Jack Hawk says:

Love my h2… 37×13.5 is the best size tire for the h2.. you will need to re gear to tow heavy loads mine is a tow vehicle for our travel trailer and have been full time for couple years now… can tow almost anywhere even through sand…

randall jr Benoit says:

You just clean it off with crc it should be fine I’ve done it 3x on my TOYOTA/ Hitachi

Michael King says:

I used to send donations to 1320 video years ago when they had it because they were so new that there wasn’t a lot of money in it yet. I liked it so I had no problem kicking some money their way. For the shows you like on YouTube you should also be letting the commercials run. They don’t take long and from what I understand help bring money their way.

Ismael 000 says:


testify221 says:

How the hell are you getting 11.8mpg i cant get more than 10.5

KMT15 says:

You make money from YouTube based off the stupid ads we have to watch

bigmacattack05 says:

Good lord, worthless comparison. Come on guys!!

John Ossendorf says:

Thumbs down.


i wish h1 or 2 was still around.

Alexander Coburg says:

Upgrades for the clown car…..

Ty says:

Ever since diff lock stopped showing I sadly stopped paying attention.

Richard Hernandez says:

crusing Hollywood blvd with 22s lmao dude, i love this truck ever since i was a kid i want one sooo bad!! But the milage is getting higher on this used trucks and i dont know crap about maintenance lol but i would love to drive one around LA there aren’t that many left because of the gas prices lol

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