Cool Truck Tech! How Do Manufacturers Tow 15,000 lbs Without Towing 15,000 lbs?

( ) Meet the Taylor Rolling Dyno.

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Menadin Halilbasic says:

What’s going on with that front tire ?

mhs vz says:

Cool tech. Thanks.

Russ Freed says:

Great tech knowledge!! Crazy!!

stickloaf says:

great concept now lets take it a step further…pull a 40 foot trailer filled with washers and dryers and have the axle run a generator…and then come by my house, i have plenty of laundry for you to do

ahmed khlifah says:

اين الشعب السعودي؟

John jay drott says:

Bring it on let’s check it out

Anthony C says:

The dyno vehicle almost looks like a truncated Corvette from a few generations ago.

Stinky Potatos says:

Hey you can’t tow 15k pounds without actually towing it. It’s impossible

Snipe Stud00 says:

Basically its just a system to simulate the resistance of what 15,000lbs on a flat surface and up a hill without actually using 15,000lbs. Further conferms what ive been telling people. That i am perfectly fine to pull 15,000lbs in an 05 1500 in my area. Just i cant if i lived in the rocky mountains as my trans would blow.

Rudy-The-Cuban Gonzalez says:

I have a cycling trainer that places a magnetic load to the rear tire, this is well understood.
However, how do they keep the tires from skidding?

MrTruckTV says:

I want one

Reg Sparkes says:

Sounds like technology is catching up on every front,..quickly.
Me too,…I`d love to watch this Taylor Dyno. in action.

Rod Z says:

TFL is going to be big! I can see their channel getting traction….

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks says:

the only thing this doesn’t do is aerodynamics but it looks awesome

Shuffle3956 says:

Super-Duper Ike Gauntlet: Simulate Ike Gauntlet with the dyno trailer going up the real Ike Gauntlet LOL

Sebastian Kisiel says:

It’s good to make tests with it on the Ike Gantlet tfl

coelho sports says:

thank you for not taking half the video begging for “donations”. the videos are cool but it’s getting to be like PBS. pretty soon you’re going to start offering tote bags to members and begging people to leave you in their wills for 10 minutes out of each 30 of video..

Tony Hightower says:

We need a head to head 2019 ram vs new Nissan titan. 5.6L vs 5.7L

Barbara Schenck says:

This is exactly why TLFTruck ‘RULES’! Real world testing. Nobody… absolutely Nobody does it better!

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