Danger Dan Exotic Dealership Tour!



Mike thompson says:

good choice to never bring hurt near do not touch signs.

Phil McKrakin says:

Sounds like a busy restaurant on the side of the freeway… wtf?

Bruce Hiscott says:

You guys just rolled by an SL black series without even looking? Shame.

cooloneba says:

You CAN buy a military HMMWV for so cheap….. IF you never want to drive it on public roads! To get one street legal, there are a LOT of hoops that either you have to correctly jump through, OR you have to spend more to buy one from people who know how to jump through those hoops. I should know, I own a 1986 M998 that I put a bunch of money into!

Ben Setter says:

Lotus exiege would school
Most of the cars with a good driver. I did a track day in one, amazing!

Cobalt Lukather says:

i want to see a Wagler 500 c.i. diesel swap in either the humvee or the 6×6 M35 at the end

Sebastian Melendres says:

I came across this building over a month ago thinking it was a fab shop for performance vehicles, i was so wrong!!!!!!!!!!11

Jure Dernovsek says:

you should definitely do a Build Biology on the Truck

chapmanmerchant says:

if i had a dollar for ever time he said THIS IS IT RIGHT HERE! id be 24 dollars richer

treerexaudi Official says:

So many supercars!

ThatDesertGuy says:

No dan you don’t want a humvee every vet and active guy watching this will tell you lol

Steve D Wong says:

A Whole lotta pant’s pulling up worthy Car’s there eh Dan 😉 Cheer’s & Thank’s from East-Van B.C., Canada

Ian Kutt says:

WTF look at that front bumber ?hood guard @ 19:00 …. Its like a front bash bar on steroids and carcaine. If they had an Enzo… that would be my choice.

Steve D Wong says:

Good choice with the H1, they are currently going the up-slide value/ investment wise. Cheer’s.

DerekDenn110 * says:

Do I hear fierorari in the distance ?

Ben Rice says:



20:14 buy build drift it break it repeat simple really

David Hickey says:

you need a LAV for these kinda filmings. there’s SO MUCH chatter on this video…

Matthew Borell says:

Danger Dan is my favorite hoon.

WoodGrinds says:

was this filmed with an iphone 3?

Dakota Shireman says:

Twitch uploads are laggy af

Diego Aponte says:

i8’s are shitty. One of the worst attempts at a super car ever.
Dan the man coming in with the Porsche fandom!

the1onlyteagro says:

Would have been a better video if Dan just wore gopro on his head…..camera guy sucked

Dane Winkleblack says:

Don’t buy a humvee, it’s not worth it

Jason Natsis says:

My favorite thing in there is that big ol American flag! The cars are pretty sweet too lol

Jesus Coronado says:

Fiero kit car

OG Cheese bro will USA says:

11:21 yes there gonna build a fiero kit car

Fred Wenger says:

So that Porsche from build biology with the trick suspension is sitting there for sale? Think the owner got bored?

Ebon Westbrook says:

So did Danger Dan buy a car or … ?

Martin Padilla says:

The guys said meet me at the finance department dam well does he know those cars almost nobody can afford to pay them

soupisgoodfood says:

No link to the build biology episode with the 911?

Molly Bags says:

dan is rocking the sandusky mustache lol

Zachary Chamberlain says:

Do a build biology on the duce and a half

Jomar Roman says:

yup ill take the peach orange gt3 rs ty @ #dangerdan rt on…. and or a super boosted R35 even more R34Vspec!! #TUNE…

john fulgaro says:

Omg, if u guys got a HMVEE in garage garage, put it on the lift for an episode that would be cool

José Vasco Branco Francisco says:

I have to visit

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