Demonstrations of DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies

DARPA’s Ground X-Vehicle Technologies (GXV-T) program aims to improve mobility, survivability, safety, and effectiveness of future combat vehicles without piling on armor. The demonstrations featured here show progress on technologies for traveling quickly over varied terrain and improving situational awareness and ease of operation.

These demonstrations feature technologies developed for DARPA by:

1) Carnegie Mellon University, National Robotics Engineering Center
2) Honeywell International
3) Pratt & Miller
4) QinetiQ
5) Raytheon BBN Technologies

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Rodolfo Huerta says:


jorgensenmj says:

“Initiate vertical take off!!!!”
“Flight capabilities offline”
“Reboot dammit!!!”

Armand G says:

2:56 NEED !!

Mark C says:

Just imagine the shit DARPA doesn’t show us.

Ari says:

Arent these the cars in Westworld?

Highlander says:

Wheels? C’mon its almost 2020 lets see whats behind the curtain.

william greer says:

load of crap i’m way more intel than them idiots.

Mike Callaghan says:

darpa is supported through wall mart and yes it is true

dan tsy says:

That last woman looks like she wants the manager

dan tsy says:

DARPA is fucked

Anus Corpus says:

last woman looked trans

b00ger901 says:

Car-knee-ghee? Carnegie is pronouced, Car Knee ghee? I guess it was just common misconception to say, car-nah-ghee. Human mind is so flawed, memory can’t be trusted. Information has to be spoonfed to you. Can’t trust yourself. Can only trust unchanging reality. Go to sleep.

Threat Assessment says:

These globalists WILL NOT STOP
Until they implement driverless cars!

DWNtoERTH says:

Car-neegy Melon

ThomasG10mtn says:

*But Trump still hasn’t built the wall he claims he’s started building.* #TiredOfLosingYet ?

Yasser Ghezal says:

We are living in a Cyberpunk world

B Nagy says:

Save the fuckin planet, no one cares about your toyguns bitch

Hblog says:

Shaadap and just show me it run

Leonardo x says:

Where can I apply to work there ?
I can code 🙂

Viscous Force says:

A toyota hilux can do all that with a big machine gun mounted on the back

Ari Riyadh says:

Women only of course, to prove their quota hire is doing the job, and as data shows women are not the best for the military.

PowderMonk says:

2:58 almost all my vehicle in besiege act like this one lol

E says:

This how darpa flexes on you

Jaystin Washington says:

China downloaded this video before it was release on YouTube lol

Phone One says:

Company raytheon yea there scary really look it up

Entropy wins says:

What about the babies ? THE BABIES!!!!

NKStrand1 NK Co. says:

DARPA is the best, I look forward to working for them.

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