Every HUMMER Owner Must Watch This Video Unknown Driver Error

Every HUMMER H1 | H2 | H3 Owner Must Watch This Video Unknown Driver Error


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Robo Cop says:

Apu owns a hummer instead of a 7/11.

Sam Sen says:

This is simply the re-setting of computer and its by no means specific to Hummer. All cars may exhibit this problem with fluctuating/confusing inputs to sensors and disconnecting battery for 10 minutes is all that is needed to reset it.
So for Gods sake, don’t put the blame on H2 that is one the most adorable cars ever build, if only the viewer is capable of discovering the true beauty! Don’t believe me, wait for a decade and blame yourself how fool you were when you could buy one for so cheap and you didn’t…

Loomies says:

I don’t own a hummer but it’s interesting to see how hummer company messed up. This seems like such a pain if you don’t know how to fix this lol

miguel mendez says:

Hi I got a 2007 Hummer H2 SUT and the air bag light turned on any idea what’s the problem. Somebody let me know

Boss Mommy says:

Will be a happy owner in a few months. Can’t wait!!

jay b says:

never have had this problem. bought brand new 280k miles.. changed fuel pump, battery, windshield wipers, tires,

Easy Steps says:

Every HUMMER H1 | H2 | H3 Owner Must Watch This Video UnKnown Driver

Alberto Jr Valencia says:

I got two hummer h2 and I don’t have those problems


I love my h2 hummer its a Beautiful suv

M6serge says:

never seen/heard of this problem, u must be special.

Rich Gladeu says:

On my h2 the passenger side power window or lock wouldn’t work. I disconnected my battery and hooked it back up and it worked.

Unstoppable David says:

Its not traction control its 4 wheel drive

TheUtubewatcher2010 says:

Please PIN this comment , if you do it means you read your messages! I have a Hummer h3 and it is not going in reverse!!! is it my transmission or my engine???? please help.

RR Productions says:

woah wow is this your hummer?

Fox-E (Bonzai) says:

I don’t have any problems with mine

trump supporter says:

Ive had dash cluster problems that i believe is causing a draw when not in use ..its like one of the ecus arent going too sleep at times allso

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