Flat Earth Reset: Denver Network LLC It’s a Hummer



When will we learn says:

dude you don’t want to anger flat earthers….their crazy….wow. In case you didn’t know the logo FEC. Shows a C & F. c is 3rd letter in alphabet and f is 6th. that’s 36….666….read that from qnfee comment

Mark Wilson says:

Good stuff, FER. It’s all about the money with these people. And this FECORE group is proving they have an affinity for these LLC’s for some reason.

GuntPulp says:


Jim Giraffe says:

rick hummer was skibas buddy that did that lake experiment with him on his boat…

Johnny Murdoch says:

Really Good Points!
and worth a second watch!
Thanks for uploading this..Thumbs up twice!

Mountain Mama says:

I worked for a lefty group in college hosted by Mennonites. There were multiple groups in one building. I’ll be interested to see if theyre truly connected. Has it ever occurred to anyone that Soros could be involved? He’s funding lots of fringe left groups.

Pratnamac says:

a nice bunch bafoons fake scientist clowns
rick hummer maybe an actor?

Flat Earth Fraud says:

Since you’re going after Hummer, here’s something I found interesting. If you look at Rob Skiba’s presentation at the conference, in his intro, Rob clearly has April 15, 2015 as the day “mark sargent ruined his life”. Rick Hummer, at some point during the conference, clearly says Rob introduced him to the concept of flat earth. (he says it more than once throughout the two days) Rick also states that he called Mark BEFORE the 10th clue was out but was well into the series at that point. The issue is, the 10th clue was published in March already. I’m pretty sure he says all this when he’s introducing Rob, but I’ve watched so much scattered footage, I can’t keep track of when Rick said what anymore. It’s a small thing, but it’s deceptive at the core. Another pee drinker with a forked tongue.

Antonio Subirats says:

I think you’re barking up the wrong tree regarding the LLC’s. I know you’ve got some things right in the past, and I know you’ve had some things wrong – and I mean KNOW that you’ve got some things wrong, not suspect or think – but this time you’re barking up the wrong tree. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the FE conference was a bunch of shit apart from Iru Landucci and GLOBEBUSTERS, so I’m not cheering for the whole thing at all, just know you’re barking up the wrong tree here.

Stargods says:

Do you know that every year thousands of tons of kitty litter are disposed of in landfills. This is actually a waste of a valuable resource. Flat Earth kitty litter is full of good wholesome cat urine that can be easily squeeze from the clumps to make a fresh cup of all natural organic tea. Everyone needs to learn to conserve for Pat Earth.

Frank Goldmann says:

ATTENTIONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DIRGES in the DARK says:

Dude…you are seriously deluded…do you always judge people you don’t know?

Freedom Fighter Woman 88 says:

Your channel is growing and so is your comment section.

ManufacturedLack says:

Yeah Rick, “you don’t want to anger flat earthers”. He says it like he is not a part of that group.

Kris In Love says:

When Mark left the stage, Rick said “thank you brother” and called him a very humble man. Who has ever watched Mark and thought “humble”? My friend who went with me had never listened to Mark before and after his stage appearance and Rick said that, she looked at me with a raised eyebrow. And then Rick being tied to Skiba, who acts like a spoiled child on FB. I’m so tired of these “leaders”. Thank you for finding the links between all of these people and confirming what so many of us having been feeling in our spirits the last few years. I don’t want to be a typical “hater” that just make stuff up about people they don’t like, but there is just too much bad fruit and too much sketchy stuff surrounding these people to ignore it.

marcus Vass says:

Rick Hummer & Rob Skiba both star in a Robbie Davidson documentary called Scientism Exposed 2 that is due for cinema release in Canada November 20th.
Source: IMDB.

nodgelyobo1 says:

Done it again mate…good job

mtwseneca says:

When Hummer gave his parting words and flat out lied to the hotel attendant, I was going “Wow, wow wow” . Real Christian are not bald faced liars. Now, either he was lying about the story he fed to the hotel guy, (imagine the guy telling everyone he knows that al FE people are crazy) Or, he really did say it. Either way, there is something rotten. Psst> Try real hard to eliminate the F bombs, even the shills and media know better than to sound like they live in a bar room. Mike

marcus Vass says:


Flat Earth Chronicles says:

good work reset,


Before the conference, I had never heard of or seen that one guy that was doing a lot of the announcing ect

Martin D Metdubbelss says:

so this one is definitly bobs 😀

Danny Rose says:

didn’t Karen be play in Roseanne

Shalong Gagenspofz says:

I believe Steve Tor rance could also be your link to the Mennonite Church. I listened to a Zen Garcia piece where he did an interview and on that same interview he refereed Zen check out a guy called Steve Torrance and the 3D work he was doin with FE and Torroid fields. These stations are linked to Christian stuff. Although Zen seems legit he is mixing with people who endorse Davidson and Skiba? Anyway I checked out his stuff and sure enough he had an ad about FE Corp and when I read the comments he was stating he was a founding member of the Feild Engineers Core? The point is I got this off a FAKE Christian channel preeching all the usual suspects. Torrence was also on this show a week prior to Zen. I Scrolled down and Pat Steere commented on this so called Christian Channel and interview Zen Garcia was on. So your link could also be Torrance because he too is a bible basher who loves the material like the rest of the agents dispersed around every genre and side of this FE consiousness NWO Lucerferian theme. EndeavorFreedom channel was the channel name which promotes the Christian Narrative alongside the intelpro Satanists parading as Christians for profit and influence,

You Tube Reality Show says:

Two Thumbs up !!

Reboots Of A Pure Matrix says:

So they want to sell you tickets to this thing, then get you to stack chairs afterwards… the word *sheeple* springs to mind

Rock Lover says:

Casting enough Doubt on these slime balls to have folk wondering ..If you are in doubt about these people you have power in your finger tips ..Hit the thumbs down , unsubscribe and post negative comments …IT,S THAT SIMPLE !!
My “Theory” is Globebusters Jeran is Bobs Boy and the Lad seen at the Balloon launch was Jerans stand in .What,s the chances of two Jerans ?.Bob is full of Shit and he had a ideal opportunity to prove the Flat Earth by being Co Pilot with Wolfie620 to fly across Antarctica .I asked why he turned Wolfie down and his clever answer was , “give me $10000 and i will go ” .My even more clever reply was “Hey Bob just get one stinking Dollar off every one of your “supposedly” real Subs” .His comeback was “i don,t want shooting out the sky” .Make of that as you wish but i summise that A he,s no Pilot,B Globebusters sub count is fake
or C the Con Artist knows the Earth is NOT FLAT .

Andrew Duncan says:


Jim Giraffe says:

rick hummer may not be a mennonite but he is shabbat goy of the 47th Shekelite dynasty… is he torah observant too ?

show me the money!!

Elissa Hawke says:

That was good thanks Reset.. I think your intuition that Dick Bummer was the real “head of the sphere” here : ))) is right.
I noticed his assumed authority, his bullshit Sandy Hook fake passion crying bad acting job trying to warm the crowd to him, as I am not the only one whos not ever heard of him, and noticed he wasnt advertised on the conference but came out and gave two days solid comedy embarrassment . I noticed he was the only one wearing a wire in his ear, that I saw, (you’d expect they could have fed him a few decent gags) I noticed him confess he “hangs around with cops a lot”, I heard him jump in and explain why they co-operated with the government, and put it in his name when they created the tax friendly non profit status of their big money suckin charity… definitely seeing through them all, all hail the small voice within! Run and Hide TRAITORS

Brian A says:

Jehovah witness vegans -_-

Danny Rose says:

r u Russian vids

marcus Vass says:

Interesting what comes up if you enter Flat Earth in to IMDB. I didn’t know that FEOHP & Mark Sargent’s FE Clues were both 2015 TV Series?

Lori Gale says:

That Hummer guy is the one who said piss could heal him on my video! Great work as always Reset!

miss ali says:

In the FEIC Q&A segment (still up on the Wint James YouTube channel..) someone, an ‘audience member’ (?) questioned the panel about the FECORE as an Organization and its section 501c3 status, which this person claimed was a ‘Luciferian’ government contract, to which this Rick Hummer character responded to – and very much in character – by stating it was necessary to obtain international funding.. to have a legitimate platform, and it has been done under his own social security number.. ?

Much much more to all this than trying to obtain or amass money, and it goes much farther back than when Sargent and Co arrived on YouTube, I’m telling you..

Scooby Doo says:

Keep up the great work man!!!!#


@6 min mark… I wonder if any of it has to do with Robbie living in Canada/ out of the US. Bcuz originally, I believe it was Brian Mullins that was paired up to run the conference, & it was supposed to be them 2 that were in charge of running the whole show. But then Brian Dropped out & went MIA.

The Green man says:

My research skills are pretty good and it’s time I join the fight. If I find something I will email you. Let us destroy these bastards.

It'sInTheHeart says:

Yes, you can open an LLC with bad credit. Just letting ya know!

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