H2 vs Moab: Is the World’s Most Hated Truck Actually Good Off-Road?

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Dustin Gould says:

Of course a hummer is pretty decent off road ….. you should do the same test with the Porsche suv or simulator to see suv fail off road

Will B says:

Good father son bonding

Maty Byers says:

As a PS for Hummer, I got paid to do this and more. All stock of course. Unlike our competitors, all our marketing posters/brochures/media was actually driven to, through, over, whatever. It was truly like nothing e

dsm02c says:

Please get the rest of the hummer accessories, need to see the MTB on the roof.

Matt B says:

What year is this H2? Sorry if it’s already been covered. In the market and trying to decide what year to look at? Hope y’all have a great Memorial Day!

yjjeeper1 says:

A suburban with no visibility, way more weight, 0 flex and 0 clearance. The most over rated truck in history, aside from a land rover of coarse.

suryaCK Prakash says:

Oh god, my dream car, but how can I buy it? Am from India

James Hill says:

FWIW, didn’t a stock WJ, which can be picked up for under 5k, do Hell’s Gate? BTW, you know what an IFS with a locking rear equals? 2WD when 1 front tire is off the ground.

EXT3RM1NAT0R 97 says:

@ tfl truck or car. I want to see you get a 2007 toyota 4runner and offroad with it. Theres no videos of them things anymore and im sure ud get alot of people to watch

Matthew Schiebout says:

And Colorado is the most beautiful state! No?

Michael Smith says:

I love these Moab videos! I’m with Roman, it’s one of my favorite places to be. I’ve been there twice, the 2nd time 3 weeks ago. I took a day off rom mountainbking and ran Fins last year in a rented JK Rubi, it was a blast! This year I was not so lucky, busted myself up pretty good mountainbiking before I had a chance to get a Jeep. I’ll heal, and I’ll be back next year! (I did get a ride in a Jeep though, 2 girls in a JKU were nice enough to drive me into town and to the ER from way up the mountain on Sand Flats Rd)

GodFear17 says:

love the hummer

weRoneself says:

I hope they bring it back I love the Hummer line up yes even the H3 I own one it goes places even the H2 couldn’t go.

George Ferko says:

JUNK !!!!

AmarilloHorseSports says:

This not a Hummer, it’s a Chevy 2500 Suburban

radz282003 says:

And Andre – I am confident you have a Corsa catback on there. That might be the Sport-version. I’ve had both on mine, and I’m pretty sure you have the Sport.

Shane Martin says:

STOP CALLING SUVS TRUCKS! I love this channel, and support them on Patreon. But I can’t stand them calling SUVS trucks all the time! I don’t care if it is a body on frame vehicle, no bed = no truck!

EthanAndLiamHD says:

Still love our H2 from day 1…13 years ago

radz282003 says:

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, or if you have, if you’ve tried it, but GM designed a quasi-locking front differential, according to their literature. No – it is not mechanical, like the rear, but the Owner’s Manual says (something to the effect), that foot-braking while climbing obstacles that lift a tire off the ground will force the ABS-system to stop the air-bound wheel, thereby transferring power to the wheel on the ground, that has traction. So – when you climb over terrain where a tire becomes airborne, if you carefully footbrake, the brake caliper on the high tire will transfer the power down the axle/differential, and the tire on the ground will then pull the truck along. I don’t think I’ve seen you guys do that in this rig. It works in mine, probably similarly to many other vehicles.

Nelson Oberg says:

Dang I was hoping you would have went with the Rare Parts over the Cognito Tie Rods.

rcairforceone says:

You guys know an aftermarket front locker is available for this truck, right?

George Ferko says:


Erik Anderson says:

I was thinking Tavarish bought it since he buys everyone’s hand me downs

Threesixty31 says:

You should at least have disconnected both sway bars. Sway bars are huge on this truck. It’s a heresy to do four wheeling with it.
It’s is so easy to unbolt one side only and secure one link with zipies. That would have greatly increase traction.

Shkotay D says:

Ye gads you guys just make better and better stuff xD

I DO like all your content yes….but offroad stuff is the best!

Lukas Hibbard says:

You guys go on about the weight, the Toyota 105 & 100 and 200 series LandCruisers and Nissan GU Patrols are just as or heavier than the hummer and far better off-road.

Rocky R says:

I’m happy you guys put white letters out on your bfg’s, they look great on that monster! Good stuff my friends!

randall jr Benoit says:

Gettin it !

Sarasota Jeepers says:


Snake Plissken says:

H2 with the 5-speed automatic would be king.

kyjoe9 says:

Good buy andre

Tobias Schuler says:

Love it

Nathan McDonald says:

These things get laughed at for being ”mall crawlers” but they are actually very capable offroad machines.

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