How to Fix AC Blowing Hot and Cold Air | HUMMER | AC or Heater Temperature Problems

How to Fix AC Blowing Hot and Cold Air | HUMMER | AC or Heater Temperature Problems | Actuator Reset | Tips & Tricks: How To Fix Actuator HVAC Blows Hot On One Side | AC Stuck Blowing Hot Drivers Side | GM HVAC Control Module Calibration

HUMMER H2 actuator –
Replacement Fuses – Mini Blade Fuses –
MAXI Fuse – 60 A (Yellow) –
FMX-30 MAXI Fuse – 30 A (Pink) –
30 pc Automotive Fuse Kit –
120 Pieces – Mini Blade Fuse Set –

This is how I fixed my HUMMER
and it’s still working good, time to time I do hear actuator making a grinding noise but it is doing its job. So, you have nothing to lose by trying this trick/method/procedure and you could save a lot of money, also you don’t have to take out the whole dashboard out and replace the actuator.

Good luck with your DIY project.

This could happen to you if you have replaced the battery and then your actuator door got stuck on floor blower or blend door isn’t shutting/opening fully and by doing this it will Reset the fuse and recalibrate your door actuator.

Replacement Air Door Actuator – The air door actuator controls the flow of air into the interior of the vehicle (lower vents, dash vents, defroster). This part commonly fails on HUMMER & other SUV’s models and results in inconsistent or incorrect air flow inside the vehicle. It can also cause air to be directed to the incorrect location such as the vents by your feet rather than the vents on the dash or incorrect temperatures.

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Easy Steps –

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R S says:

My hummer h2 has air bag lights on all the time
Even nothing wrong with air bag can you please have any information about that .Thanks for all videos you make for us

dameon smith says:

It didn’t work for me, I have air blowing out of the defrost

Helena klschkv. says:

Hello what if it doesn’t make the bling bling bling noises after 20 seconds

Ricardo Medrano says:

Sir you are a very smart man.Thanks a million.

Ray Budzilek Jr says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! it worked the first time , have cold air , I’ll admit i was sceptical at first but tried it and in about hour and a half i had cold air , Thanks again,

asto guritno says:

hellow i’m asto from indonesia, my hummer h3 is problems in a/c compressor is leak, and i have been change with compressor new, but after that my a/c compressor is going on only 4second and then compressor is die/off in 6second and is going on again repeatedly like that, and result in cabin temperature begin not cold, how this trick must be do it in my chase a/c ?, i will do that hope is succsess, thanks

Easy Steps says:

AC Blowing Hot and Cold Air | HUMMER AC or Heater Temperature Problems

john jajar says:

Followed the steps removing the fuses and then when turn the key to  position 1 I am not getting the chime sound coming on. should I try again the steps.

Max G. says:

The H3 layout is not the same therefore I’m not sure what fuses to pull out, they must be labeled differently. so I can not do it on an H3

CHEVY BOY!!!! says:

Didn’t work? Do I redo the steps again??

The driver side is like 100 degrees and the passenger is – 30 freezing

Voodoo says:

Will unplugging the battery for an hour also work?

Sarah Lopez says:

Out of topic but have a quick question…where can I buy or order a pair roof rack knobs for an h2? If anyone knows please let me know…thanks

Christian Baxter says:

I had both actuators replaced about 1 year ago and this morning like you have the issue with. My passenger side is really cold and driver side is blowing like 90 degree air. I know there is no way the actuators are just bad since like I said they were replaced at the GM dealership. This should 100% fix the issue right? Also is this a permanent fix?


Can you make a video about fixing rear view mirror temperature gauge compas sometime it works and then sometime it doesn’t thanks in advance

mtaqib Behlim says:

This procedure can’t fix damage blend door motor

Chris on Cars says:

could you not take 10 minutes to say nothing . . . just getting to the point would really be nice . . geez

Jeremiah Derrick says:

This worked for me and my ac blows ice cold. I had to add a little freon but all is well now thanks for your time sir!

Voodoo says:

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately looks like both actuators are bad. Are the two in the hummer use the same type of actuators? So buying the two will work? Thanks


Keep the videos coming great work

Sam Sen says:

Let me see if I can make it simple and in a single paragraph.1- Remove 3 fuses @3:37 AC comp & 10amp AC fuse, @5:27 HVAC/ECAS (10Amp) from under the hood fuse box. 2- @ 4:57 from driver side indoor fuse box, remove 3 fuses: IGN 3, HVAC1 (10amps) & HTR/AC (30Amp). 3- @ 6:00 put the Key in ingnition, turn to position 1, wait 30 sec for chim to end. Take the key out and wait for 1 hours. 4- @6:50 After 1 hours, turn the engine on and let it run for 10 sec. Turn it off. 5- Put back all the fuses in their place, attention to correclty placed larger box type by matching the pin numbers to chart. Wait 5 more minutes . Now when starting engine again, you can hear the sound of ACTUATOR, indicating reseting and hopefully its fixed! Well I haven’t done this but will. Hope you are right cauz the other reviewer said it is due to bad head unit that needs to be replaced. Will let you know what happened, once I am finished.


Thanks you are the man

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