Hummer, Cummins, Mercedes and more! – FilthyVlog 001

Just an update for everything happening in the shop right now. See anything we didn’t talk about that you’d like to know more about?

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1Bad62 says:

those 6.2s are pretty weak. need to put a cummins in the hummer, then you could call it the cummer.

dirt magirt says:

Get a mic or face the camera when you’re talking! A+ otherwise

zane pockett says:

3.9L cummins you mean?

CB Fall says:

Really Cool!!

GenAfterNextTactics says:

Man that’s way too many projects. Why do you agree to take on all of those, you’re swamping yourself.

Mitchel says:


Bad Drivers of North Texas says:

Its in the 40s where he is, and hes wearing shorts, wtf

Josey H11D says:

I have a question for you, do you like being super busy?

HKM _ says:

Awesome your in superspeeders race!

dark knight 1990 says:

de boss farted at 12:33 lol and did it again

95Z28A4 says:

I have some information I can share about using the B3.3.  Check your B3.3T in Escalade with a 5 speed project thread for more info.

ShawnCFarm says:

And I thought I had too many projects lol. I bet you have more hiding behind the shed

Thomas Rose says:

whats the status of the original engine from the mb wagon? i have a 94 coupe that benefit from even a partial

prancstaman says:

Holey shit, business is booming. I’d say you are busy, LOL. Is that Hummer a military one?

407ForRent says:

3.3 or 3.9 Cummins?

Dylan Severit says:

How the hell did he think you were going to put a 6.0 Vgt turbo on a first gen.

Tyler Murphy says:

I’m convinced! There isn’t anything you can’t fix!

Steven V says:

That hummer looks awesome!

Miki says:

where is w140?

kawasabi1 says:

That 76 vette hell yeah

ARednecksLife says:

from the looks of it, maybe it’s time for a bigger shop.

Jean-Francois Prince says:

I’m so confused are you a contractor or a mechanic ?

ajdahun says:

“but it looks good in the shop n makes a goof conversation piece”‘ LMAO!

Wilson Solt says:

I had no idea military hummers are as old as I am.
DO you need mufflers on turbo diesels up there? In PA we don’t the turbo itself counts as a muffler. I run a straight 4″ to the rear. Surprisingly it isn’t really louder than stock its the injection system that makes most the noise.

Erated78 says:

Great vid Rich, got a kick out of the young guys truck assessment LOL Cheers

snakethebeast says:

Whats the color of the fleetmaster?

WDesign says:

Not first!

Drew Gibson says:

Gotta love young guys and their trucks. That dodge is a gong show and a half.

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