Hummer H3 Passlock Fix? Free and Easy!

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Free and easy for H3, Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon owners with this common no-start issue, check this out! A possible work-around to this dreaded common issue.

I have had this intermittent and frustrating problem since I bought my H3 and this is the only thing that’s worked for 6 months so far. I’ve tried everything, and this is a real simple work-around without actually having to repair or replace anything. Try it out for a while and see if it works! Please comment below if it works for you or not.



“Above All The Chaos” by Teknoaxe


Tri-Star Travelers says:

you got some great tip videos!

aron john says:


DifferingLikes says:

No need to question why as long as it is working is my thought


New joining my frnd..
So talented uploads..

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Rocket Scientist says:

Just realized I said “H3 Pickup” in the intro! Let’s go with “All variants” of the H3.

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great video! new friend here I thought I stop by and show my support saw u on best friend in the thread I would love if u check out my channel

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repeat after me .. technology is our friend… technology is our friend…

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Nathan Petty says:

Worked thanks man

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Mrs Space Cadet says:

That sounds so frustrating!

Michael Furburger says:

Saw u in creator fundamentals stream

David Thomas says:

I have a H3, It work..Thanks so much

James Cahours says:

Doesn’t work on my ’08 H3 verry frustrated with this problem…. James in Florida

Wandering Knapps says:

HEY! @Rocket Scientist. Great channel. We love this community. It’s so great #IAmACreator great support! Cheers.

djcrimmy says:

great video i had to rip my steering column out once because mine broke ;p left you a like and smacked the red button

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Living Coast 2 Coast says:

Good tip if you own one of these. I would have wanted to drive it off a cliff as well if it did more than a couple times in one day. Saw you in the livestream. Watched complete, gave a like, became a supporter. #IAmACreator

Pusa Studios says:

Thats really cool, great vid. Cheers and keep creating

Norris D says:

It works I just tried it after the video. Thanks!!!!

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Do you mean waiting 3 seconds every time? Or only when its being stubborn? Im asking because mine starting being stubborn today and that 3 seconds thing didnt work. I waited 10mins and yes its cold weather in tx.

Pusa Studios says:

seen you in the stream and came to visit, support and ring the bell! Hope you can drop by and support us as well

Tish Marie says:

It definitely works

rowan sutherland says:

Mine is doing the same thing.I am not sure that is what is is.Check engine light is coming on and seems like a fuel problem but if I do just like you said,it works.So I have no idea.My mechanic can’t find anything wrong with it but of course it has never done it with him.I guess I need to take it to the dealer but I have very little faith in them for various reasons.

Jason Holman says:

Yep worked for me. Thank you.

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BluzGuitar Guy Fishing Antics says:

Oh yeah, that would irritate me too. A slide hammer comes to mind. Number 290 here for ya’ ! Good stuff !

Anders Muren says:

You have an amazing channel, just subbed and can’t wait to see more videos from you 🙂 Would mean much if you stopped by my content too! thanks <3 Love from Norway!!

NathanLikesDrums says:

Great video

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