Hummer vs Big Green: Which Truck Gets the Worst MPG?

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( ) Which Truck Get the Worst MPG Ever? Hummer vs Big Green Chevy K10

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G Sel says:

Always stoked to see big green!

AI3xZJE41 YT says:

And to all u people that don’t know anything about cars and trucks in 1985 gas was around 75 cents so 12 miles to the Gallon was ok

t307312 says:

3:04 truer words have never been spoken

The Fault in Our Cutie Marks says:

I’m shocked the hummer did so well with that giant roof cargo box

Davis Eckert says:

I like how they excited for 15mpg haha. And here I am disappointed when I get 30mpg in my FR-S sports car.

Jonathan Guérin says:

“It’s set up for overlanding with the roof box”… yeah, ’bout that…

Vitas Vitas says:

K10 vs H2? Who cares about mileage, give me the k10!

The Chosen One says:

How is a Chevy K10 2WD?

Wayne Hicks says:

Holy crap u were at the Hudson Loves….if u go there at the right times u will see prototypes…usually from Chrysler…trust me 😉

Aaron Cole says:

Should do a towing comparison big green tow the Hummer then the Hummer tow big green

agent 1207 says:

Meanwhile, my German diesel gets upwards of 55mpg, sometimes if I slow down to 55-60mph I can achieve 60mpg!

David Texas says:


AI3xZJE41 YT says:

Fast lane guys u know they where making suburban at that time u could have use.C20 suburban with the 454 u could have use

Trevor Kemp says:

Just for anyone who is curious if your vehicle tells you the fuel economy it’s getting that is always a lie it is almost always set to read a significant portion higher if you are getting 22 miles per gallon on the computer you are more likely getting 18 to 20 miles per gallon I’ve driven many different cars and trucks that have this feature with topping them off resetting a trip odometer and their average mpg and actually testing it and finding that they generally almost always read significantly higher Toyota is extremely guilty of this trust me your Corollas not getting 37 miles per gallon it’s getting more like 30 to 33 miles per gallon.

JonP227GT says:

You have a car too carrier on the H2….. this test is no good.

Shawn Gale says:

Guys you are the best around…please dog up some more jeep truck info for us!!!!!!

Bill Kerr says:

17 On the high way with my h2 and 20 in the h3 love them both

Adam Duncan says:

Big green needs a transmission swap with an overdrive. That beast of an engine would easily cruise at seventy at 1500 rpm. 2,500 rpm cruise way too high as it was designed for the original 305.

AI3xZJE41 YT says:

This is no comparison a truck up agin a SUV.

Ohioguy says:

You need to take that cargo carrier off the hummer, thats an automatic 2 mpg loss on the highway.

Spencer Young says:

My Chevy Avalanche 1500 with a 5.3 averages 11.8…. so yeah your really good you must have found the sweet spot for the speed and the gearing 70 miles an hour

DFOURTY 9 says:

Ford Excursion V10… now that’s what I call bad MPG.

Badass Rooster says:

Love these guys. They help out a lot with these videos. Thank you guys very much.

para mi says:

They are of the same company

Maqsimous says:

Who cares, you lose if you drive a hummer. Big Green is an automatic win.

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