iPhone X Hammer & Knife Scratch Test!

Finally, the time has come! Apple’s greatest iPhone X, given the hammer treatment! Will it survive?



Waluigi 4 Smash says:


Everything Availaiabble says:

This is where he gets all those phone

HeroJrplays says:

You stupid

jim delfin says:


Cozmo's Generation says:

Who can break the iPhone X the fastest guess who’s the winner

龍成 says:

so crazy!!!

Saeed Ahmed says:

Are you mental bro

Özlem YILMAZ says:


Cedric Hughes says:

“I’m just going to drop it from 3 feet.” LIES

One piece วันพีช says:


Simon wanted says:

guys please don’t do like this…please give it to me because I didn’t have any mobile phone please please give it to me my mobile num is +91 7868934107

zeshan baig Baig says:

Pagal aadmi to iphone x ko barbat kyun karraha hai kutte

saif Afridi says:

Why you are wasting money if you don’t want then give me

Jayden Howell says:

*Smashes phone with hammer 6 times*
“Wow it cracked already ?”

Julie the gamer cute Nerd :P says:

Why does box in the front of the iphone looks like its glowing? xD

A to Z entertainment says:

mujhe e de deta bhai todne se achha

Abdo Ahlawy says:

It’s very crazy

II Edy II says:

Min 3:07 Tf is that song?!

princeess soso says:

Stop it!!!!! What you do that !!!!

Manny Sic says:

che rincoglionito non ha senso spaccare un telefono da 1 300 euro

AKU X says:

Its iphone 10 not iphone x

TechRax says:

A lot more smashing coming!

Tigran Tashjian says:

He’s so stupid. He’s smashing the iPhone and saying look at that it’s cracking. No sh!t

M. R BRIGHT says:

Give meee I phone pleasttt

OSJDI says:

My heart is broken

WhatssupElla says:

This kinda killed me inside .

(how can you afford so many Iphones?)

Clay Reedy says:

Many people cant afford those and you just trash them.

Musiq bgm says:

Awesome result its not a gud phone need more best result..I think

Msp.X Gülşah says:

Vat Ar Yu Duing?

Noel Stenlund says:

Is the glas week IF you punch a hamer on it and it get a few cracks?

Muhammad Cahya Rezqi Hasyim says:


minion1585 says:

Mabe it is apples strongest glass but yet why would anyone bang it with a hammer??

GotcciPlay - El Canal Mas Random says:


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